Capital City Half Marathon Training – Week Four

My husband was pretty sick last week and I had a feeling I’d be catching his bug, so I took this week slow. Unfortunately, by the time Friday came around I had come down with the nasty head cold that is going around and opted to skip my long run this weekend. When I woke up Saturday morning it was -1 outside so I can’t say I was the least bit upset about taking the weekend off. This morning we woke up to quite a few inches of fresh snow on the ground. 8 miles is one of my favorite training distances so I was a bit bummed to skip it (it’s the only 8 miler in my training cycle), but with 9 weeks until race day it seemed like the better option in order to get myself back to a healthy place to finish out my training. I did manage to get two of my runs done outside this week and I got to start breaking in my new pairs of shoes!

I love new running shoes.
I love new running shoes.

Sunday – Rest Day (My birthday!)
Monday – 3.5 miles treadmill, 10:31 pace
Tuesday – 30 min XT on the bike
Wednesday – 3 miles outside, 10:01 pace
Thursday – 2 miles outside, 9:27 pace
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – Sick Day
Total Miles – 8.5

I am planning to skip my cross training this week to sleep in tomorrow for another day of rest. I will reevaluate how I am feeling at the end of the day and decide if I am going to try to get up and run on Tuesday morning. At this point, I’d rather cut back on my mileage again this week and get my long run in on Saturday than try to push through it and end up becoming more sick and having to take off more time.

There is usually a lot of opinions on running when sick, but for me it really comes down to how I’m feeling. I’ve run with colds before, but I knew 8 miles this weekend wasn’t going to do me any good. I’ll asses throughout the week based on my energy levels, but ultimately my goal is to get my 9 mile run in this weekend. March is a pretty big month mileage-wise, so I’d rather take the first week off than struggle though the whole month.

11 thoughts on “Capital City Half Marathon Training – Week Four

  1. I actually have never rotated shoes, but since I’m planning to train for a full after this half I didn’t want to wear one pair out too quickly. I didn’t buy both at the same time either, I actually bought one pair in January when they were on clearance due to the new model coming out. I’ll use my old pair for cross training and walking the dog. Other than that, I usually just keep one old pair in the garage for any grunt work & toss the others out! Often I’ll leave my old pair at the store when I get new ones.


  2. Jen

    Thank you to Fred for your comment here.

    @Fred I would be interested in the organizations you use. Not sure if anyone else is interested?


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