Capital City Half Marathon Training – Week Six

Half way through training! Less than 50 days until race day. The weather is finally starting to warm up and it has me dreaming about race day. This was my first week back after taking off for my nasty cold/sinus infection. I was still on decongestants (which raise my heart rate/blood pressure) so I took it slow all week. Here’s what my week looked like:

Sunday – Rest Day
Monday – 4.19 miles, 9:21 pace
Tuesday – Rest Day
Wednesday – 4.18 miles, 9:53 pace
Thursday – 2.01 miles, 10:05 pace
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 8 miles, 9:45 pace
Total Miles – 18.38

Solo 8 miler
Solo 8 miler

I had finished up my antibiotics last Wednesday and felt great on Thursday, but by Friday evening my ear started to ache. I didn’t feel sick, but because I hadn’t run in a while and my ear was hurting I decided to skip my running group Saturday morning and head out on the trail by myself. I figured if I needed to go slower or stop altogether, I wouldn’t feel any pressure. Since it was rainy, the trail was pretty quiet. I saw a deer and a lot of ducks swimming in puddles! I was pretty happy with how my run went, especially considering it had been a month since I’d run long (the weekend before I got sick was a fall-back week) and it was raining. When I got home I did some stretching and took a hot shower and then cooked up some sweet potato hash with eggs over-easy on top for brunch!

Brunch. YUM.
Brunch. YUM. Yep, those are brussel sprouts

This past Thursday was also my first day at Girls on the Run. I volunteered to be a Running Buddy this season and am pretty excited about it. There are only 6 girls at my volunteer site so it’s nice to be able to get to know them. The last 25 minutes of the session the girls ran laps. It’s a nice grassy are and the weather was pretty good. They were all asked to set a goal for number of laps to complete in the 25 minutes – 10 laps is a mile. I decided to run with one of the slower girls of the group and her goal was 4 laps. Keep in mind, these girls are in grades 3-5th, so their understanding of how much they can get done in 25 minutes is a little different. About two laps in, another runner dropped back to run with us and we had a nice time talking. On lap 7, the first girl I was running with commented that next time she would have to set a higher goal and suggested 5 laps. I pointed out that we were definitely going to get at least 8 laps in and she should aim higher, so she asked if 6 was enough. Then we had a little talk about it being okay to set goals and not reach them because you can always try again. I’m excited to watch the girls progress in their fitness over the next 6 weeks as they prepare for the 5K fun run.

One final note – I’m finally on Instagram! My handle is the same as my Twitter: runeatwinesleep

I hope everyone had a nice week and is having as beautiful weather as we are having now that winter is on its way out.

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