My Favorite Recovery Tools

Recovery is an important part of training. All runners have their own recovery routines and tricks and tools that work best for them. What works for one runner may not work for another runner. Here is a look at my favorite recovery tools, why I use them, and how often I use them. Note: I was not asked to review these tools nor was I endorsed to do so. These are just three things I love and want to share with my readers!

IMG_10361. TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller 13″
Why I Use It: To loosen up my muscles and work out knots. It hurts so good.
How Often I Use It: I tend not to use this right after runs, but rather later in the evening and/or on my rest days. It’s a great way to work out tight spots after my muscles have had a little time to rest. I use it however often I feel I need it. As I ramp up my mileage I find it more necessary to work on the tight spots, especially in my hip area. I stretch after every run, but sometimes I just need to dig right into my muscles to get at the knots and lengthen my muscles out. I can feel a significant difference after spending some time on my roller. I also have the GRID Mini Foam Roller which is great for traveling!

2. Pro-Tec Athletics High Density Massage Ball
Why I Use It: Self-massage was the simple and easy solution that cleared up my PF so I decided to put this on my Christmas list to make it easy to keep up with every day. I think most of us runners forget to give our feet post-run TLC. My sister bought it for me and it was a great gift. I like this one specifically because it is dense so I am really able to dig into my fascia and work out the tight spots. It also works well for calf knots or anything else I would use a lacrosse ball to work on.
How Often I Use It: Every day. I use it after every run and anytime I’m home during the day and feel like giving my foot a little massage. It honestly feels awesome and I find myself using it on my rest days just because it’s relaxing and refreshing.

3. Medi-Dyne ProStretch
Why I Use It: I was actually introduced to the ProStretch during physical therapy for tendinitis last year. I used it to stretch out after doing PT exercises, but loved the usability of it. I’m able to get a productive stretch for both my gastrocnemius and soleus muscles without having to find a curb or staircase.
How Often I Use It: After every run. It’s part of my post-run stretch and mobility routine and it makes it easy since I can stretch anywhere in the house.

These are my favorite recovery tools! What are yours?

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Recovery Tools

  1. I have the triggerpoint (I also have the mini version, I take it to work!) as well as the calf stretcher. I should get one of those balls! Though I have a foot massager I got for Christmas a couple of years ago that I use after really long runs. It’s heated, too!


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