Capital City Half Marathon Training – Week Nine

This was my last cut-back week of the training cycle until taper week and I was pretty happy to have an opportunity to take it easy this week. I replaced my speed work on Wednesday with a regular paced run, but kept my Thursday run a recovery run. Overall, I felt it was a good week of training and I was happy to arrive home to the newest issue of Runners World on Friday to get my weekend started.

Happy runner nerd.
Happy runner nerd.

This is what my week looked like:

Monday – 5 miles, 9:41 pace
Tuesday – Strength training, 30 minutes XT on the bike
Wednesday – 5 miles, 9:19 pace
Thursday – 3 miles, 9:41 pace
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 5 miles, 8:50 pace
Total Miles – 18

I opted to skip my group run on Saturday and sleep in a little since I could easily do my normal 5 mile route. It had rained Thursday and Friday, but even though Saturday morning was chilly the sun was shining bright. I attempted to run my normal 9:15 Saturday pace, but ended up pushing the pace a bit and unintentionally ran my last mile at race pace (oops!). The run felt great though so I have no regrets.

The weather had warmed up considerably by the late afternoon on Saturday, so my husband and I headed downtown for dinner and gallery hop. I had recently started looking for an additional pair of running capris that had pockets on them. Some swear by different belts and whatnot for carrying items like gels when running, but when I’m racing I hate to have anything extra on me (and I don’t race with my phone) so I wanted some pockets and I knew they were out there somewhere. We headed into the local running store and there they were – the Saucony Women’s Bullet Capri. I tried them on and was sold! I’m looking forward to running in them tomorrow. I was equally excited to find that there are Saucony Women’s Bullet Tight Shorts as well and I will definitely be ordering myself a pair for summer long runs and races.


For Easter today we continued our tradition from last year and headed out to Ikea for some furniture shopping. We were in the market for new night stands and a tall bookshelf for our guest room and Easter is a great day to avoid the crowds. It was also a beautiful day to enjoy the scenery on the ride out and back. We picked up what we needed and I’m looking forward to getting things set up this week.

Happily gathered our furniture at Ikea!
Happily gathered our furniture at Ikea!

I hope everyone had a great Easter, great races this weekend, and a great week of training!

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