Capital City Half Marathon Training – Week Ten

This week was kind of funky. The weather wasn’t great, we had a lot of rain and storms, but it was warm. I just beat the rain on Wednesday morning with my tempo run and Thursday I woke up to a thunderstorm. I have no issue running in the rain, but running when there is lightening and torrential downpours just didn’t smart. The weather broke in the late afternoon so I was able to get my 3 miles in before GOTR. It was a little faster than I’d liked to take it given Wednesday’s run, but at least I got it in. I also skipped my cross training this week for an extra race day. Given it was one of my biggest weeks of training in this cycle, I decided to give my body a break.

Solid tempo run though a few seconds per mile faster than I'd anticipated.
Solid tempo run though a few seconds per mile faster than I’d anticipated. I had planned to run around a 8:20-8:25, but clearly only accomplished that in the second and fifth mile.

Here’s my week, though it is more of the same:

Monday – 5 miles, 9:09 pace (I was playing with the virtual pacer on my watch.)
Tuesday – Rest Day
Wednesday – 5 miles tempo run, 8:17 pace
Thursday – 3 miles, 9:22 pace
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 11 miles, 9:14 pace followed by a Yoga for Runner’s Workshop
Total Miles – 24

On Saturday I woke up with stomach cramps, but just took some meds and headed out for my normal group run. My stomach was fine during the run, but continued to be crampy throughout the day – I think I ate something funky on Friday (an avocado that was past its prime aka rotten). Saturday afternoon I went to a Yoga for Runner’s workshop. It was a Yin-based workshop where we focused specifically on learning hip and shoulder openers. We were sent home with booklets of all of the poses we learned so we can incorporate them into our stretching/mobility routine. My hips felt great afterward and I was happy to learn a few extra poses to add to my routine.

I also started assembling our new furniture this weekend. Unfortunately that took a back seat on Saturday to my stomach bugging me, but hopefully Sunday will be the day I finish them up and get them painted.

Drawer not pictured, but it's there too!
Drawer not pictured, but it’s there too!

Just three weeks left until race day and I could not be more excited! Most of my pace group is taking on the Xenia Marathon/Half Marathon tomorrow, but I will spending time at home building furniture and getting ready for my peak training week.

Happy running!

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