Capital City Half Marathon Training – Week Eleven

The hay is in the barn! Peak week of training is officially wrapped and it’s all slow, easy runs from now until race day. Two weeks to go and I am really looking forward to it. The medal was revealed this week and I am feeling strong and ready for race day. I took an extra rest day this week to be ready for my last speed work session and to allow my body some extra rest and recovery during my peak mileage. Here’s what my week looked like:

Monday – 5.01 miles, 9:49 pace
Tuesday – Rest Day
Wednesday – 5 mile tempo run, 8:09 pace
Thursday – 3.2 mile (in remembrance of the Virginia Tech victims) recovery run, 10:03 pace
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 12.26 miles, 9:08 pace
Total Miles – 25.46

For our final long run, my group ran what is known as the “W” – essentially the elevation map forms a W. It was a gorgeous day and I was able to break out my 6run4 tank top with shorts. My legs were super tired by the end, but it always feels great to accomplish that run and I am looking forward to taking it easy for the next two weeks. I got a high-five and some encouragement from the group today for officially registering for my first full marathon.

Conquered the "W"
Conquered the “W”

After the long run, our local Fleet Feet was throwing a “Last Long Run” party so my BRF and I headed over for some free coffee and juice samples. I picked up two pairs of socks and got a bonus pair of Asics socks from the Asics rep that was there. After some stretching and a shower, my husband and I headed out for a late lunch where I celebrated a successful peak week.


I am also still volunteering with Girls on the Run. We are about half way through and most of the girls are up to running 1.5 miles, so well on their way to achieving their goal of a 5K. This past week we learned about how to deal with peer pressure – stop, breath, respond, review. I was really impressed with our group’s ability to think of responses to our peer pressure examples.

Run run run!
Run run run!

At the end of each session, the girls fill out their training logs with how long they ran, what their goal number of laps had been, and how many they achieved.

Filling out her training log!
Filling out her training log!

The rest of my weekend will be low-key while I get some stuff done around the house and get prepped of the week ahead. I will also be freshening up my playlist for race day and eagerly awaiting my bib number and corral assignment email – oh the life of a runner nerd!

I hope everyone had a great week of training and great weekend of racing. I have quite a few runner friends that will be running Boston on Monday and I am looking forward to tracking them and cheering them on from my desk at work.

2 thoughts on “Capital City Half Marathon Training – Week Eleven

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    Nice job on your training! I also have a half marathon in two weeks, on May 2nd. Girls on the Run is such a great organization, good for you for volunteering! That’s awesome!


  2. pint0joe

    Congratulations! I am tapering too, driving to Nashville this Friday for the full. I’m sad to be missing Cap City this year, but I wish you all the speed and health along the course!


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