Capital City Half Marathon Training – Week Twelve

This is it, y’all! One week to go. Last full week of training is in the books and I’m onto the easy-peezy taper miles before the big race. I met up with my BRF, Courtney, this morning for our last Saturday run. Our running group was meeting about 30 minutes away so we decided to hit up our regular trail together for a last run together.

Last Saturday run before race day!
Last Saturday run before race day!

Here’s what my final week looked like:

Monday – 5 miles, average pace 9:45
Tuesday – Rest Day
Wednesday – 5 miles, average pace 9:29
Thursday – 3 miles, average pace 9:40
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 6 miles, average pace 9:14
Total Miles – 19

Yep, I took it really easy this week. I am eager for a fast run. Now just 9 miles separate me from race day. I am hoping this next week goes by quickly. I’ve been working on updating my race mix and I am putting the final touches on it (I’ll post about it later this week). We received our bib numbers and corral assignments this past week which is always super exciting. This Thursday I will head to the expo to pick up my bib and race shirt. So far the weather for race day is looking great, fingers crossed it stays that way!

Courtney and I were happy to confirm that we are in the same starting corral and we plan to run much (if not all) of the race together. Our goal paces are around the same, but Courtney is gunning for a PR whereas I am just looking to enjoy myself. If she takes off later in the race I may just hang back and enjoy the run rather than breaking myself down to keep up. My goal for this race was to get into shape for marathon training and avoid injury. I plan to run an easy-fast pace and enjoy the crowds and course, not to mention the free booze at the end. It’s so nice to start the season with a no-pressure race.

I hope everyone had a great week of training and a great weekend of racing.

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