Race Day Preparations & Final Thoughts

Where do I even start? It has been a long winter! I look back at my training log and remember that I was heading out for a run on mornings where the temperatures were in the single digits. Looking out for black ice, jumping over half-melted, frozen remnants of snow. One morning I even broke out my YakTrax. I have spent the majority of my training in the dark of the morning. There were great weeks, there were bad weeks, there was even a sick week. Now, it’s race weekend.

Official race shirt!
Official race shirt!

Let me tell you, this week sure did drag along! I’ve had a headache most of the week from allergies, but I’ll take it over the bitter cold of the winter we just got through. I put in to take Friday off at the beginning of the year and I am glad I did. After visiting the expo yesterday to pick up my race bib and t-shirt, my brain was elsewhere.

My plan for this morning was to sleep in a little, but I automatically woke up at 6:15 and my brain immediately went to “RACE DAY IS TOMORROW!” and I got really excited and was wide awake. I laid in bed until my husband was ready to leave for work. Then I took Gus for a morning walk before heading out for my 2 mile shakeout run. My Garmin and iPod Shuffle are currently charging up and I’ve put aside my race day gear for tomorrow morning, including a zip up fleece I got for $5 at the GoodWill booth at the expo to use as a throw-away. I still need to gather up my fuel and post-race items. For dinner I’ll be cooking up my traditional pre-race meal of steak & potatoes. It is beautiful out today so I am really happy with my decision to take the day off.

Race gear is ready to go!
Race gear is ready to go!

I plan to start and run the majority of the race with my BRF. She is gunning for a PR, but my goal for this race was to get into shape and build a strong base for marathon training. I plan to run at a comfortably fast pace (8:20-8:30), and reevaluate how I feel around mile 9. If I’m not feeling it, I will likely drop back and let her go ahead. If I’m feeling good I may push on and see what I can achieve. A PR would be a bonus, but I am honestly really happy I made the decision not to train with a PR goal in mind for this race. I have run training races before, but this is the first time I have done a full training cycle with no PR goal in mind. It is a really freeing feeling. I love the Capital City Half Marathon, the weather is going to be beautiful, and I am happy/excited to run a strong race and just enjoy myself and the crowd. Not having the pressure of a time goal is actually pretty refreshing. I am planning to run a 10K in June for which I do have a time goal in mind, so I can save the pressure for then!

Overall, I am pumped up and ready to go. This seems to be a huge race weekend all around, so I hope everyone has a great one!


4 thoughts on “Race Day Preparations & Final Thoughts

  1. JessRunsATL

    I love that tank!! I have a few of them (non printed versions) and I live in them during the summer! So excited for you, good luck!


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