Heat Wave & Busy Week

We’ve had a bit of a heat wave this week. Following Saturday’s race heat, the temps climbed up into the 80s for most of the week. In all honesty, after the winter we had it was very welcome! I enjoyed having a week that felt like summer and with a ton going on, it was great to have some nice weather days. I was reluctant to turn the AC on, but it was inevitable. Hopefully things will cool back down for a week or two so we can enjoy a few more days with the windows open before having to keep them shut for the summer.

Tuesday night my training group pace group got together to have dinner and celebrate a successful season. We had dinner & drinks and got to enjoy seeing each other some place other than the trail/a race and in clothes that weren’t running clothes! After dinner we headed out to the patio to get some photos.

Most of the 9run5
Most of the 9run5
Amanda tried to photo-bomb, but just ended up adding more beauty to this group selfie!
Amanda tried to photo-bomb, but just ended up adding more beauty to this group selfie!

Wednesday night I went to happy hour for a former coworker that is moving back to Boston. Her fiancé officially graduated from vet school and they are heading back to to the East Coast. Her and her fiancé left after a few drinks, but I stuck around and chatted with two of my friends for about another hour or so. It was great to catch up in person. We have all moved on from the company that we worked at together and it’s nice to have stayed in touch and still spend time together.

It was teacher appreciation week and my husband came home with a lot of candy, gifts, and flowers all week long. He even nabbed two eos brand lip balms for me – those things are weird! When I got home Thursday from Girls On the Run, there was a bouquet of roses in a vase on the counter. I thought they were part of his teacher appreciation gifts, but they were flowers that he picked up for me. That was a nice surprise!

Flowers from my hubby!
Flowers from my hubby!

Friday night was the senior fashion show for one of the local colleges. It’s a scholarship fundraising event so it’s a pretty big deal. The firm I work for had done the creative concept, invitation, and runway screen animation, and since I was part of the project management I received two VIP tickets. My husband works on Friday evenings, but I knew he wouldn’t want to go to a fashion show so I brought my BRF and we had a great time. Because we had VIP tickets, we were able to attend the pre-show party with a fancy red carpet and an open bar. Courtney & I enjoyed the OYO Vodka-infused Basil Lemonade.

Courtney & I at the fashion show pre-show party.
Courtney & I at the fashion show pre-show party.
One of the amazing looks!
One of the amazing looks!

All of the clothes this year were beautiful and, despite there being over 20 designers showing looks, the show moved quickly. Afterward we enjoyed some free food and then headed home because OF COURSE we were meeting bright and early for a run!

This week was a nice break from training. Though I am technically training for a 10K, I am not sticking to any strict type of plan. I have mileage to complete each week in whatever way I’d like and it was fun to just relax and enjoy some less structured running this week. I had planned to do 8 miles on Saturday and during our dinner on Tuesday, Courtney, Nicole, and Amanda all said they wanted to meet up and run together. Amanda is coming back from injury, but we all agreed we were fine not sticking to the regular 9:15 pace. Courtney & I will be dropping to a slower pace group for marathon training anyway, but we really wanted to just enjoy our run together. It was pretty warm and humid this morning, around 70 when we headed out, but we just talked the time away and it didn’t seem bad at all. I am actually really looking forward to summertime and summer training. Here’s what my week looked like running-wise:

Sunday – Rest/race recovery (I walked the dog twice, 2 miles total.)
  – 3 miles easy, 9:51 pace
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 5 mile progressive run, 8:38 pace (1st mile 9:23 pace progressing to 5th mile at 7:34 pace)
Thursday – 3.5 miles easy, 10:15 pace
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 8 miles, 9:37 pace
Total Miles – 19.5

Lovely Saturday morning with my friends.
Lovely Saturday morning with my friends.

I am really looking forward to the next couple weeks of easy running. I’ll be keeping my mileage around 20/week, but it will be fun to just enjoy the rest of the month of May before beginning marathon training in June. I have a lot going on this month so it will be a welcome break from more structured training.

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