Weekly Wrap Up

I’m a little late to the wrap-up party this week, but since I’m not in any super formal training right now I am just doing much of the same. I had to juggle my schedule around a bit this week to be able to take a rest day the day before my VO2 Max test. I am still pretty jazzed about the results of my test.

Though I’m running a 10K in a few weeks, I’m only loosely following a training plan for it. I have been maintaining around 20 miles a week to keep my base strong since that is about the mileage I will be running for my first few weeks of marathon training. The 10K will really come down to the weather and how I’m feeling that day, but I’m not putting much pressure on myself for it and am spending this time between training cycles just enjoying some quality runs.

I started the week off with speed work which isn’t a very fun way to start the week, but it had to be done. I prefer a nice, slow Monday morning run. Tuesday I did a very slow recovery run before taking Wednesday off to rest for Thursday’s test. Friday morning I did my first true zone 2 run which netted out to be around a 10:45 pace. This is likely due to the heat and humidity, since the week prior I had unknowingly done a zone 2 run at a 10:15 pace. It felt nice and easy, but was boring!

Time to break out the belt!
Time to break out the belt!
Saturday morning I met up with Courtney and Amanda for another nice, slow run. We ended up running into some friends in the parking lot that were running along in shifts on our friend’s 20 miler since she still has a few weeks until to her marathon. As we got going, we passed the 20 miler and her first-shift running buddy and their advice was, “HYDRATE!” Which we did – I officially broke out my hydration belt last weekend (and yes, I know most people don’t like the belts, but it works great for me and I prefer not having anything in my hands). We took things nice and slow so Courtney & I could attempt another Z2 run. I didn’t really pay attention to my watch other than distance. We averaged about a 10:45 mile pace over the 7 miles, but it was a lot less boring since we were chatting the whole time. After the run, Courtney & I decided to grab some brunch together.

Egg sandwich on a homemade buttermilk biscuit. SO GOOD.
Egg sandwich on a homemade buttermilk biscuit. SO GOOD.
On Sunday my husband & I headed to the garden center to pick up the plants for our garden. I always look forward to having fresh veggies and herbs throughout the summer. This year we’re doing tomatoes (of course!), borage, two kinds of hot peppers, peas, basil, sage, and rosemary. We also got broccoli, but I have a feeling it will be too warm this summer for that to do very well. It’s hard to not try it out when a tray of 3 only costs $1.50!

Ready for some gardening.
Ready for some gardening.
That about wraps it up! I’m back to my normal running routine this week, but Saturday I will likely run solo since I have to go super early to get home and get ready to throw Courtney’s bridal shower. Fingers crossed that the weather plays out to be as gorgeous as it’s currently forecasted to be.

Everyone have a great week!

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