Weekly Wrap Up: More Running & Bridal Fun

Another week has come and gone and it really flew by. The temperatures cooled off a bit this week which allowed for one more week of enjoyable running before it goes back to summertime temperatures that I am sure are here to stay. I used this week as a step-back week getting in 18 miles for the week since I knew I wouldn’t have time to get a very long run in on Saturday. I started off the week feeling that I really needed a run just to clear my mind, so I left my HR monitor at home but still kept my pace easy. Tuesday was a beautiful day so I decided to do an afternoon run. I’ve been focusing my speed day during my time off on running progressively. I did 5 miles with the goal of doing the first two at 8:30, the second two at 8:15, and the final at 8:00. The great weather made it really fun. I used Wednesday as my rest day and my husband & I spend the evening getting the garden planted – I can’t wait for fresh tomatoes! Thursday morning I was back to HR training and did an easy 3 miles around a 11:00 pace.

Saturday morning I had to get my run in earlier than I have been going since I had to get over to Michelle’s house to help set up for Courtney’s bridal shower! I did an easy 5 miles around a 11:00 pace. It was a gorgeous morning and nice to head out at 6:30 without having to use a headlamp/blinking light/reflective vest. I definitely prefer Saturday runs with friends, but it felt good to get up and get it done. I headed over to Michelle’s and we threw a “Bunch & Bubbly” bridal shower complete with mimosas and homemade waffles. We also had fried chicken and sweet (whipped cream, chocolate chips, blueberries, strawberries, marmalade) or savory (bacon, onions, bell peppers, jalapeños, goat cheese, cheddar cheese) topping options.

Bridal shower eats!
Bridal shower eats!

After brunch we played a few games and then Courtney opened her gifts. Once everyone left, the bridal party all headed their separate ways to take a nap before heading out Saturday night for some bachelorette party fun!

The bridal party. (From L to R: Brianna, myself, Courtney, and Michelle)
The bridal party at the bridal shower. (From L to R: Brianna, myself, Courtney, and Michelle)

We kicked off the night with dinner at a local Italian restaurant and then hit up some bars before ending the evening at a local club. Michelle’s boyfriend was kind enough to drop us off and my husband picked us all up so we were all able to let loose and enjoy ourselves. We had some good laughs and it was a nice way to bond as a bridal party before Courtney’s big day in July.

Fancy bachelorette party drinks!
Fancy bachelorette party drinks!

I am really thankful to have the day off tomorrow and will be kicking it off with a downtown run with Courtney. Afterward, I’ll be spending some time with my husband and our pup (who we’re celebrating having brought home from adoption 3 years ago this weekend). Hopefully the rain will hold off until later in the afternoon so we can spend some time outside together.

I hope everyone has a great long weekend and takes some time to remember our fallen soldiers. I highly recommend taking some time on Monday to check out this powerful episode of Radiolab called Sight Unseen.

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