Weekly Wrap Up – A New Family Member & Food Adventures!

Since last Monday was a holiday, the week completely flew by. Courtney and I took advantage of the morning by running the route of the 10K we have coming up. It was nice to get out and see the course and run through parts of town we’d never been. The course has some small rolling hills, but overall is downhill. As long as the weather cooperates it should be a fun race. I had a really stressful week and decided to take advantage of currently not being on a strict training schedule. When my alarm went off on Wednesday, I decided to turn it off and sleep in. This is the first run I’ve skipped since being sick and March and it felt glorious. Thursday morning I set out for a 5 mile tempo run, but by mile 3 the humidity was really catching up with me and I knew I was done so I slowed it down for the uphill on mile 4 and moved to a cool-down pace for the last mile. On Saturday, I met up with the same friends I have been running with for the past few weekends to run 8 miles together. Since I will be moving to a slower pace group, it was nice to get one last run in with them. Courtney & I liked where we ran on Monday so much that we decided to all meet up in a different spot and run that part of the trail again. It was extremely humid, probably the worst it’s been so far, and my face was dripping with sweat on the way back. It was our official last Saturday “off-season” run since our training group starts back up this coming weekend. I will be skipping the first group run to get my hair done (ha!) and to run the 10K the following day.

We also brought home a new family member this weekend – a basset hound named Archie! We adopted him at the humane society where he was brought after being surrendered during an animal cruelty investigation for unsanitary conditions. We had to bring Gus over to meet Archie and they seemed to be pretty in-tune with each other. While my husband was waiting with Gus as I filled out paperwork, a staff member told him that Archie had been so sick when they brought him in a week prior that they had to carry him inside. I’m happy to report that he is feeling great now!

Meet Archie!
Meet Archie!

He was just neutered so he has to wear the cone for a while. At first, Gus was pretty unsure of Archie when he had his cone on, but now he’s used to it. Archie absolutely loves Gus, but Gus is still taking some time to warm up to him. He does let Archie get on his bed with him and snuggle up.

Morning snuggles
Morning snuggles

It was a hectic weekend getting used to having two pups. Archie is trying to adjust to having boundaries and a more structured schedule – he is also figuring out he can no longer pee where ever he pleases! Slowly, but surely he is getting there.

Columbus Food Adventures group!
Columbus Food Adventures group!

I wrapped up my weekend with a Columbus Food Adventure. This was a Christmas gift from a coworker to a few of us and we had wanted to wait until the weather got warm. Unfortunately the temperatures kept dropping throughout the day and it was in the low 60s, cloudy, and windy for our tour so everyone was eager to get into the van after each tasting. We chose to do the taco truck tour and went to 5 different stops, trying something at each stop. The portions were normal and I was feeling very full at the end. It was a really fun tour and I definitely want to go on one of the tours with my husband.

One of the many delicious things I got to have during the tour.
One of the many delicious things I got to have during the tour.

This is my last two weeks of off-time before marathon training begins. I’ve been keeping my mileage right around 20 miles a week over the past few weeks to keep my base consistent with what I will be running when I begin training. I am starting to get the hang of running a slower pace to keep my heart rate in zone 2 on non-speed days and I think it is going to make a huge difference in keeping myself healthy and energized during marathon training.

My goal for Sunday’s 10K will be completely dependent on the weather. If the humidity is anything like it was on Saturday, I will be taking it easy just to get through the run. The course is beautiful and I have a few friends running, so it should be a fun day no matter what!

7 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up – A New Family Member & Food Adventures!

    1. Thanks! Gus was a rescue as well so that was very important to us. Makes it much easier to be patient when he pees on the carpet knowing he was rescued from horrible conditions. He is a goofball and we are constantly laughing at his mannerisms.


  1. It feels nice to turn the alarm clock off every so often and go back to sleep! I think when you’re really consistent, days like that have to happen. It’s your body’s way of saying it needs a minute to rest 🙂 Congrats on your new dog!


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