Columbus Marathon Training Weeks 1 & 2

Well hello there! It’s been a busy two weeks. I’ve decided since marathon training is so long, I am going to give an update on my training every two weeks instead of every week. I will try to post on other topics between the weeks.

It pretty much has been raining here for two weeks straight. This has made for very humid and soggy runs thought out the first two weeks of training. Last Wednesday I set out on a 5 mile tempo run expecting no rain for another few hours and ended up running in a downpour from miles 2 and on. I was wringing out my socks when I got home! I’ll just label that run as an “adventure”. I came down with a bit of a stomach virus my first week of training which I think may have been stress, but I woke up later that Wednesday night with horrible stomach pain. I worked from home Thursday and ended up taking last Friday off from work to go to Urgent Care (had to make sure it wasn’t my appendix!) and get some rest. I missed my first Saturday long run, but it rained all morning so I can’t exactly say I was upset about it.  I ended up heading to the gym last Sunday morning and knocking out 8 miles on the treadmill. It was a little boring towards the end, but HGTV got me through it. I totaled 16 miles for the first week having missed one of my runs due to being sick.

This is how I spent my first Saturday morning of marathon training.
This is how I spent my first Saturday morning of marathon training.

The upside of being sick last Saturday was that I was finally able to finish up reading a book I had purchased a few weeks ago at the used book store. It’s a collection of stories of people’s first marathons. Most of them take place in the 70s and 80s so it was pretty interesting to read about these rookies finishing without the aid of things like Gu and ShotBlocks. The best part was that the final story was from a woman whose first marathon was also Columbus! I really enjoyed reading everyone’s stories and will likely reread it again sometime during training.

Finally finished this up!
Finally finished this up!

Week two went a little smoother than week one. I eased back into things on Monday morning and ended up having a successful week of training. Thursday morning my alarm didn’t go off despite it being set for the correct day/time and turned on, but my parents were coming into town on Friday so I had taken the day off. I got up around 6 am (late for me to run!) and went into the bathroom to change only to hear the sky open up for a downpour. I waited about 30 minutes until it cut down to a drizzle and then headed out for a short run. Since I’ve been working on heart rate training I’ve found that a solid 11:00 pace seems to work well for me when it’s very humid out. Unfortunately when I ran with that pace group a few weeks ago I didn’t have a very good experience. This Saturday I headed out with the 11:15 group. The temperatures and humidity were on the milder side as far as summer goes on Saturday so the pace was a little slow for me and my heart rate averaged in Zone 1, but I really enjoyed the coaches and company of the other runners so I think I will be sticking to that group until it cools off and I can move into a quicker pace group.

On Sunday’s I am supposed to cross train, but after two weeks of rain we were lucky to have a really mild and sunny day. That’s an understatement actually – it was an absolutely beautiful, early-fall like day. After my parents left, I hung out on the couch for a while before deciding to just go for a short run to take advantage of the beautiful weather before we move back into rainy days this week. For week two I totaled 23 miles.

Short & sweet run on a beautiful day.
Short & sweet run on a beautiful day.

Unfortunately my husband is getting over a cold that he seems to have passed onto me. I’m taking it in stride and being thankful that I am still early in my training and my mileage is short and cumulatively low right now. I’ll be heading to bed early and hoping my body can keep this cold at bay for the most part so I can get all the way through week 3. On the bright side, since it’s a holiday weekend I have Friday off so I plan to sleep in and relax the majority of the day! Week three is also my first cut back week so I have a relatively short run next Saturday.

As I mentioned, my parents were in town this weekend! We live 7 hours apart so we don’t see each other much so it’s always great when they visit. The last time I saw them was at Christmas and I won’t likely see them again until marathon weekend in October. Their visits are always too short! We went to lunch and dinner and were out and about on Saturday. On Saturday night we went to see a ballet for which my husband composed the music. It was a nice evening with them and fun to celebrate my husband’s hard work with my parents.

A snap shot from the ballet.
A snap shot from the ballet.

So now into week 3 I go! I told my BRF that I don’t think it will really hit me that I’m marathon training until mileage picks up in week 7. Right now I am averaging the same type of mileage that I have been running for the past 2 months as I build up my training base. Hopefully my health will bounce back at the end of this week and I can keep it together until the weather cools of and sickness season starts again. I just need my husband to stop bringing home the kid germs from work!

Have a great week!

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