What’s Cookin’ – Tortellini Salad

Summertime is always busy and sometimes squeezing in dinner can be tough. My husband always ends up working at least one night during the week so between working full time and training, we try to plan ahead especially for those nights. By the time I get home and walk the dogs, it can be 6:30 already and I want to make something that is quick. I am not a fan of how reheated food can taste (not to mention many meats dry out when reheated) so pre-cooking isn’t always great. This week I decided to break out one of my summer favorites – tortellini salad. My mom used to make this during the summer when I was a kid and I always looked forward to it, especially when it meant dinner at the town pool.

Since it’s served cold, tortellini salad can be made ahead of time. I personally think it tastes better when it’s been sitting in the fridge for a night or two soaking up all of the spices. It’s pretty simple to make. All you need is frozen tortellini, frozen veggies (or fresh, but frozen is easier), and Italian dressing. I chose to make my own Italian dressing. A quick Google search brings up easy recipes and a moderately stocked spice cabinet likely has everything you need.

First, cook the tortellini according to the packaged instructions and drain.

Next, steam up the veggies. I chose a bag with zucchini, cauliflower, beans, and carrots. Steam bags of veggies can make this process even quicker, but I like to season the veggies while they steam.

Next, mix up the dressing if you’re making your own.

Finally, combine all of the ingredients!

Stir them up, allow it to fully cool, and refrigerate.

Allow it to sit at least overnight in the fridge and serve cold. You can eat it as a full meal or as a side for grilled chicken, burgers, etc. I’m looking forward to eating this one night this week and taking leftovers for lunch.


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