Friday Five: 5 Blogs I’m Reading

I’ve decided to put in some Friday Five posts, or Five for Friday, or whatever you like to call it! I am going to vary the topics I write about, so they won’t all be running-related. This week I wanted to share 5 Blogs I’m Reading.

1. Fueled by LOLZ
Hollie’s blog is probably the one I have been following for the longest. She is (in my opinion) a bad-ass runner. I appreciate her honesty and the fact that she recognizes that when running is a hobby and not a job it should stay fun. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s currently living in NJ and visiting tons of diners!

2. Salty Running
Salty Running is a series of bloggers all rolled into one and I love getting a variety of training and race recaps from a variety of experience levels all in one place. My BRF was a Salty blogger for a while and was the one that introduced me to the site almost two years ago.

3. Loving On the Run
Sara is a marathoner and is using the Hansons Method after a positive past experience. I have been following her for a while now, but my BRF chose the same training plan for our upcoming marathon so I have been enjoying keeping up with Sara’s posts and getting a little insight into what my BRF will be putting herself through in the next few months!

4. Dixie Runs
Maddie is a blogger I just recently started following. She lives in NC (I lived in NC for a little over a year) and is also beginning to train for her first marathon. Her dog, Dixie, often makes appearances and goes along with her on some of her runs. I’m looking forward to following her journey to her first marathon as I am going through mine. Also – she’s getting married soon, YAY!

5. Piper’s Run
Anna is another fellow blogger I have been following for quite some time. She is a mother runner in Canada. At some point I found myself following a lot of Canadian runners and I love how running has given me a connection to our bordering country – it has inspired me to try to get up to Canada to run a race there. Anna’s blog was especially great during this past winter when it felt like it never stopped snowing here in Ohio. She is currently coming back from a hamstring injury, but I love how she balances motherhood and running.

There you have it – my first Friday Five! Speaking of blogs, don’t forget to follow me on Blog Lovin’.

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