Friday Five: 5 Things I Love About My Husband

Happy Friday! This week my husband & I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. In honor of our anniversary, I decided to dedicate this Friday Five to 5 things I love about him.

1. His sense of humor
I can be pretty silly/goofy and my husband is always laughing at me and joining in on the fun. He’s not afraid to be silly or look stupid in order to make me laugh!

“That’s hot, stud, but I’m pretty sure it’s only my leg that’s supposed to be up.” -Scrubs (Yes, we were re-enacting that line)

2. His commitment to improvement
My husband is extremely driven. When we were in college he spent long hours in the practice room working on improving his playing. He got up early, he stayed up late. He had a goal and he was going to reach it. He doesn’t let things stop him that we’ve watched cause others to trip up and he’s always looking for ways to better himself.

Wedding photo booth fun
Wedding photo booth fun

3. His support
While he’s not thrilled my alarm goes off before 5am some weekday mornings and before 6am some Saturday’s, he is very supportive of my training and racing. He gets up early to drive me to races, leaving at obscenely early hours because it stresses me out and then standing around while I run. If I ask him to be there, he’s there. $150 running shoes? $60 running capris? He doesn’t even flinch because he knows running makes me happy. A happy wife, a happy life, right?!

4. His problem-solving skills
I tend to get overwhelmed when a big life problem arises and can often end up getting freaked out. My husband is awesome at staying calm, keeping a clear head, and figuring out a course of action. He is definitely someone to have around in an emergency situation.

5. His cooking
My husband likes to cook and he’s good at it. He has the ability to open the cabinet and throw a meal together from random things that tastes amazing. He is also a pro-brunch cooker which is great on lazy Sunday morning’s.

TGIF! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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