Friday Five: 5 Thoughts On Marathon Training So Far

As of this weekend I am officially half way through training for my first marathon. This week, I wanted to share five thoughts I have on marathon training so far.

I’m not as tired as or as hungry I thought I would be
My legs are fatigued for sure, but I had expected to get home from work and be ready for bed by 7. I’m finding my energy levels are fairly normal during the week. I still go to bed early due to my early wake up call, but so far I’m not feeling like I need a midday nap or an extra early bed time. My post-Saturday long run naps have been normal (about an hour) and then I’m back at it. My appetite has been pretty normal. I usually snack on fruit during the day and have only found that I am craving a heartier afternoon snack. Other than that, my portions have been normal and I don’t find myself wanting to reach for food all the time. It’s pretty normal for me to not have a super-appetite, but I did expect to be hungrier and have been surprised that I’m not. So far my meals and snacks seem to be working for me. Maybe this will all change when my mileage climbs into the 40s in the next few weeks, but so far I am happy with how I am feeling.

I’ve become a germ-a-phobe
Why is everyone coughing already? It’s only August! Stay away from me, I don’t want to get sick. I am focusing on getting enough sleep, taking my multivitamin, and eating nutritious foods to help keep these summer colds away. Oh, and hand washing of course!

I cherish my rest day
Tuesday is my only true rest day and man, do I cherish it! It is so nice to have a day to sleep in until 6 and give my body a break and get excited about the next few days of running.

I’m not as wrapped up in training as I thought I would be
Marathon training is very time consuming for sure, but I half expected it to feel like it’s taking over my life. I think it helps that I run early in the morning so my afternoons aren’t taken over by 1+ hour running. Though I chat with my runner friends about training all the time, my day-to-day has been pretty routine overall.

I find myself reminding myself to trust my training
26.2 is a long way, no doubt about it. I have been questioning a lot on what my body will do in the later parts of the marathon. Will I hit a wall? Will I feel like my legs aren’t moving? Will I feel like I’m running in slow-motion like it always feels like in dreams? I think these thoughts are completely normal and they’re not paralyzing me by any means, but I am reminding myself to trust my training and my athletic abilities. Training is all I can do to prepare myself for the race and even the best training can still be squashed by the 26.2 beast, so I have been focusing on the enjoying the journey!

One thought on “Friday Five: 5 Thoughts On Marathon Training So Far

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    Interesting post! I could relate to a lot of these things at various points during both of my marathon training cycles. I never got ravenously hungry all the time during training either, although I did find that I could eat much bigger meals. I became a plate-cleaner once I started high mileage running, I used to eat like bird before that.

    I also remember being so afraid of hitting the wall in my first marathon. But the wall is not a given – some runners make it seem like it is, but with proper training, nutrition, and pacing the wall can be avoided. I haven’t hit it in either of my marathons. I thnk your outlook is good – at the end of the day, no one ever really knows what’s going to happen in a race and 26 miles is a long time for something to possibly go wrong or circumstances to change. We just have to do the best we can!

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