Columbus Marathon Training Weeks 9 & 10

10 weeks down, 8 to go! I know I say it every week, but I honestly can’t believe how quickly this training cycle is going by. I have been getting all of my runs in and sticking to my training plan, but I have still been feeling really unsure about the marathon since I have no clue how my body is going to react. Last weekend we went to dinner with my friend Nicole and her husband and she assured me that I am doing everything I should be to run a successful marathon. We also had a surprise party for one of our runner friend’s yesterday and I was talking to some of the more experienced marathoners in our circle. They told me a bit about their first marathon experiences and reiterated that I should just go out and do my best because every marathon is a different experience and can go either way no matter how many someone has run.

Downtown Columbus, Nationwide HQ
Downtown Columbus, Nationwide HQ – with the outside elevator that’s no longer in service

Anyway, back to training! Week 9 was a cut back week for me. I totaled 33 miles for the week, but it didn’t feel much like a cut back. I am feeling good in general, but my body is fatigued from training (as it should be) and I can definitely feel it when I run. I know that getting used to running on tired legs is part of training, but it sure does make me want to stay in bed! My runs went well and last Saturday I met up with Courtney to run the back half of the course. This made me feel a lot better since I now have an idea of what to expect in miles 13-26.2. It was a pretty humid run, but a nice day overall to run downtown.

Last Sunday I met up with my friend Eren to go to the zoo with her and her two kids. Her daughter decided to wear her fairy outfit (of which she later changed). I hadn’t been to the new Africa area that opened last spring, so that was the whole point of the trip. It was fun to experience the zoo with her kiddos since I’ve only gone with my husband.

Zooin' it with my favorite fairy.
Zooin’ it with my favorite fairy.

It was back to the grind this week and I started my new job! I am now doing media planning/buying at a different agency and I am really happy I decided to make this career move. Overall, I am now back to doing what I really love and the media team is awesome. I finished out the week with 41 miles for my biggest week of running ever.

It was hot this week, but that is to be expected in August – though it’s not pleasant! I had an 8 mile tempo run on the schedule for Wednesday morning and it was pretty horrible out. I decided to adjust my pace and aimed to be between 9-9:30/mile. This worked out well and my HR was right in the middle of zone 3 where it should be, but the run really wore me out. I took a 10 minute nap after my shower and it wasn’t until after a good cup of coffee that I felt back to normal that day.

Although I did like the Mizuno’s I bought, I didn’t LOVE them and thought they would be better for half marathon training so I decided to exchange them since I couldn’t afford to have a pair of shoes that sat in the closet until the new year. The store had to order my size and my husband picked them up this week. I was under the impression I was getting boring old white with blue accents, so I was pretty excited to open the box and see neon yellow shoes!

She's always buzzing just like neon, neon...
She’s always buzzing just like neon, neon…

This weekend I had 17 miles scheduled. This happened to be the weekend of the Emerald City Half/Quarter marathon which is a popular race for locals training for the Columbus half or full. Last year I did the quarter marathon as part of my training and I was looking forward to incorporating the half marathon as a tune-up race. Even though it’s kind of early for a tune-up race, it was a great opportunity to test out my fueling strategy and practice running on fatigued legs. I did 3.5 miles beforehand, ran a progressive half marathon, and then did a 0.5 mile cool down. It was a beautiful course and the weather couldn’t have been better for an overall great day. A full recap coming later this week!


This may have been my favorite half marathon course to date.

This may have been my favorite half marathon course to date.

I rounded out the weekend with some chores & some beer in my favorite relay finisher tumbler. Today’s run made me feel good about my training so far and gave me the drive to keep pushing forward for the next 6 weeks to make it to my taper. I have a 18, 20, and 22 miler to hit within those weeks and I know each run will help.


I’m pretty happy that football season is starting soon so I can spend the afternoons of my 20 and 22 miler laying around on the couch watching the Buckeyes. For now I will keep on keeping on and work on trusting my training for race day!

6 thoughts on “Columbus Marathon Training Weeks 9 & 10

  1. I love running halfs as part of my training – great way to get in some tempo miles, run a different route, and to practice fueling! So glad you had a great experience! And yes – nothing better for long run recovery then beer and football on the couch !


  2. Heather Shoe

    I’m not much of a football fan, but I am a Michigan alumna so I feel like I am required to say Go Blue! (sorry!)

    Great job on hitting 40+ miles last week! I can’t believe we only have 8 weeks left until our first marathons!


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