Friday Five: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

If you know me in real-life (that is, not blog-follower life), some of these things may not be a surprise to you. Since my blog mostly focuses on my running experiences, I wanted to share five things you maybe didn’t know about me!

I was a theater kid
Growing up in northern New Jersey, I was really into theater. I did a ton of community theater and was even in a regional touring company for about 2 years. I danced once a week and went to theater rehearsals about 3x a week. I did some rec sports in early elementary school, but theater was where my heart was and it wasn’t until high school that I moved back into sports. I’ve dabbled in community theater a bit post-college, but after being in Les Miserables a few years ago I feel my theater bucket-list is pretty complete! I still love singing, but I prefer to commit my time to race training over rehearsals.

Cheese is my favorite food
YUM. Smoked gouda is my absolute favorite, but I love to snack on cheese and crackers. My husband knows the way to my heart is bringing home a wedge of cheese from the store!

I’ve lived in four different states
In Ohio it seems most people just assume that everyone is from Ohio, but when others find out this is not where I’m from it’s often asked where I’m from. This becomes a bit of a drawn out answer since the answer of “New Jersey” is usually followed by the question of, “Does your family still live there?” We moved to Virginia when I was younger, but I consider New Jersey to be my home state. After college, I moved to North Carolina to be with my now-husband and I find myself having to back track through the states in which I’ve lived when someone asks where we moved from when we came to Ohio.

I didn’t run track or cross country in high school
My sister was actually the runner in high school. I started playing lacrosse my sophomore year and found I really had a talent for it. I always felt running was boring, but found I had good speed and endurance on the lacrosse field as a mid-fielder. I did short runs in the off season to stay in shape, but didn’t actually pick up running as a sport until after I graduated college.

I originally wanted to major in film and photography
When thinking about college, I really wanted to major in film and photography. This is what first drew me to VCU. When I started to question that, my mom asked me if there was anything else on the list of majors at VCU I’d be interested in (because I was very interested in the school). Looking over the list, their Mass Communications major really drew my interest since it had such specific concentrations. Once I went to visit and learned more about the program, I knew it was the one for me!

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