What My Husband Thinks About My Running

A few of the bloggers I follow have posted this survey in the past week and I’ve really enjoyed reading the answers. I mentioned it to my husband over the weekend and he seemed interested in doing it himself, so I adjusted some of the questions and here’s what I got back from him! (My comments in italics).

1. Does my running make you want to run?
My mother-in-law used to try to get me to convince my husband to run with me. When we first moved to Columbus, we did go on some runs together. He goes to the gym, but I am happy to keep running “my” thing.
2. What do I eat before I run?
You eat an english muffin with peanut butter
This is 100% correct for my long runs and on race days. He knows this because sometimes he has to make it for me on race morning while I’m dealing with my pre-race anxieties.

3. How far do I run most days?
Depends on the day and how far you are in your training.  But I think you run varying distances from anywhere between 3 and 10 in the mornings with longer runs on the weekend, cross training on Sundays, and resting on one day during the week.
I actually haven’t been cross training on Sunday’s because I’ve been opting to stay home and hang out with my husband… other than that, he clearly notices the training calendar in the kitchen on the side of the refrigerator. Man, I can’t wait to get back to 3 miles again.
4. What kind of shoes do I wear?
Expensive ones…
5. What is my favorite race?
 I don’t know, but I know you liked the Scioto 10 Miler, even though they messed up the whole bus thing.
He was really surprised to hear about the bus thing. Market 2 Market Relay is my favorite race so far, but I’m looking forward to running the actual Scioto 10 Miler course next year.
6. Do you like going to my races? Why or why not?
Yes and no. I’m not really a morning person and everyone is way too excited in life for me at that time. However, I do enjoy the people watching and all the stories people tell me about their parking situation or what their race participant ate that morning, or how proud they are of their loved one.  I also really enjoy the races with food trucks… 🙂
The Columbus Marathon has food trucks which neither of us know going into it, but he was pretty happy to have a bratwurst and a cup of coffee while he waited…

7. What have you learned from having a wife that runs?
I wouldn’t say that I have learned anything really… running does not motivate me or inspire me in any way, however, I have seen a drive and passion in you I haven’t seen before. The dedication to accomplishing your goal is extremely impressive. When it’s raining outside I barely want to get out of bed, but you just throw on your running gear and a raincoat and keep going. And it’s not about “winning” something either, it’s just shear determination and pushing yourself to be better than you were the day before, which is inspiring to say the least.
Since I run so early in the morning, I never really realized my husband even noticed if I’d run in the rain or even that I’d run at all (besides the fact that I often wake him up when I’m leaving or when I get back), so this was nice to read. During marathon training I’ve been mentioning my mileage to him or telling him stories about what’s happened on my weekend long runs since I am running with a friend of his, but generally I keep the run talk to a minimum.
8. What’s my favorite thing to eat after I run?
I don’t know, I think you drink a protein shake if we have the ingredients.  If not I know you normally eat eggs and avocado.  Mostly vegetarian until dinner.
Eggs & avocado is my favorite! I’ll drink a protein shake if I’ve had a particularly hard or long workout or have been putting in a lot of miles that week. My husband didn’t realize that I eat vegetarian during the day until about a week ago when I texted him that there were no vegetarian options at a vendor lunch…
9. What makes me most anxious on race day?
I think this should be reworded to, “what doesn’t make me anxious on race day?”  Everything from the commute, parking, packing, and walking to the corral seems to bother you. And it shouldn’t because I take care of most of that stuff anyway. 😉
Parking. The answer is parking. Last fall I bought a parking pass as a back up to our planned parking spot just in case. Parking stresses me out. That being said, for the larger races my husband always has to come and he has to drive because I’m too much of a bundle of nerves and adrenaline to handle those simple things!
10. What’s my favorite non-running thing to do?
Umm… eat delicious food and play with the pups?
My husband is a great cook and our dogs are adorable.
Following this survey, my husband sent me his own which included questions like “How tall am I?” “How many drums do I own?” and “How many fillings do I have?” I got a good majority of them correct.

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