Columbus Marathon Training Weeks 13 & 14

I’ve reached peak time in my training, but race day still seems so far away! Despite it being 4 whole weeks away, I have already gone into “What if?” mode. My husband reminds me often that I can kill myself with “What if?”‘s, so I have been spending time reviewing my training log and focusing on my race day plan.

During week 13, I took advantage of having the Monday off for Labor Day and headed down to the trail early for a 10 mile tempo run. It was nice to sleep in a bit before knocking out such a hard workout and nice to be able to take a nap afterward as well! It was pretty warm, but I got it done. That Saturday was my first 20 miler ever!

Events from my first 20 miler.
Events from my first 20 miler.

I totaled out the week with 50 miles – my first 50 mile week ever! Woohoo! I was really happy with how the week went. That Saturday night my husband and I went out to dinner & to the Moonlight Market. There weren’t many vendors this month which we think was likely to it being football season now, but it was a beautiful night to spend some time outside.

"Ain't seen nothing yet until you're downtown..."
“Ain’t seen nothing yet until you’re downtown…”

This week was a cut back week that was supposed to round out at 40 miles, but unfortunately by mid-week I wasn’t feeling well. My allergies have been pretty rough the past few weeks from the ragweed and I couldn’t figure out if it was that and/or a cold. I stayed home from work Thursday and ended up leaving early on Friday. I decided to sleep in on Saturday and rest all day hoping that I could kick my cold/sinus thing for this upcoming second peak week. I got in my 12 miler this morning, but wish I had been feeling better so I could have really enjoyed the beautiful morning. I ended up going to Urgent Care this afternoon to make sure I didn’t have an ear infection (apparently I don’t) and was given a prescription for a steroid to help with the pain, but I’m not sure yet if I’m going to take it. Regardless, I still managed 32 miles for the week – not the 40 for which I had been hoping, but still a solid week of training considering how I’m feeling. I tend to do better getting more rest than trying to push through a run when I’m sick and I’m hoping that was the right choice this week.

I’m hoping another good night’s sleep tonight will put me in good shape for my morning run to kick off my final peak week of training. I’d love to kick the decongestants by Tuesday and feel good for the second half of the week – here’s hoping! Meanwhile, Archie has been a bit of a handful this week…

Apparently Archie likes cheese...
Apparently Archie likes cheese…

Ohhhh, Archie! It’s hard to stay mad at these guys, though.


Off to get ready for bed I go! Just one more hard week to get through before my mileage starts to taper down. I’m looking forward to the extra rest and later mornings. I keep reminding myself that post-marathon I get to take a whoooole week off!

7 thoughts on “Columbus Marathon Training Weeks 13 & 14

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    I hope you feel better soon! I’m the same way, I do better resting than pushing myself to exercise while sick. Maybe the fact that you have been a little out of routine this week is part of the reason you’re having the “what if”s – once you have a couple stellar runs this week I’m sure your confidence will bounce right back up. You’ve been remarkably self-assured and positive this whole time for someone who is training for their first marathon, and it’s inspiring – stay strong!

    Question: do you do your tempo runs at marathon pace effort, or just a general hard effort (harder than MP)? I’m always curious because it seems everyone defines the tempo run so differently!


    1. I should stop responding to comments on my phone, I just realized it hit reply before I was finished. ANYWAY for tempo for marathon I’m going by heart rate because it didn’t seem my real tempo pace would make sense since it would be way faster than I would ever plan to try to run my first marathon! For half marathon training I do 5-10 seconds faster than my 5K time except I had to use my 4 miler time because I’ve never really raced a 5K or 10K! I have a better baseline now after my 10K this summer, but I am looking to race a 5K in the new year to get a more accurate tempo time!

      I am feeling better and starting to get back into my regular running energy and paces, but the unknown of the distance and how my body will handle it makes me a little crazy! I’m kind of glad I run in the morning because I think that will help me with going too crazy during the taper.

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      1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

        Good call! I usually do my tempos by feel and just aim for a hard but controllable effort – it usually ends up just slightly faster than 10K pace. It’s been so long since I’ve raced a 5k that I really have NO clue what my 5k race pace is… I’ll find out soon though!

        That’s a good point about AM running helping with the crazies! I bet it will.


  2. It sucks that you got sick at such a crucial time! Never underestimate what a good night’s sleep can do. I really overdid it last week and felt shitty all Saturday. It took until Sunday to realise I was sick, and I literally slept most of the day. I had an early night and now I feel marginally better (which is good since I was expecting to feel worse!) Aaah sorry for the ramble but basically sleep and have lots of vitamins! I always find a hot bath helps too. 32 miles in a ‘bad’ week isn’t too shabby either!


    1. Ahhh thanks, if only sleep were helping. I took Thursday off and slept most of the day and then slept until 5:30 pm on Saturday after coming home early from work Friday and resting! I already go to bed around 8, so not much more I can do there. Hopefully it will clear up in the next 48 hours, decongestants tend to make me feel pretty horrible (anxiety, raised heart rate, ect) so just being able to go off of those would help I’m sure.

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  3. Thanks! I think deciding when you need new shoes is really up to the runner. Some do it by mileage, some do it by number of months used, and some just do it by feel. I highly recommend having at least 2 different styles of shoes to rotate between though. Rotating two of the same shoe doesn’t help prevent imbalances.


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