Friday Five: 5 Things I’m Looking Forward to Post-Marathon

Race day is just 3 short weeks away which means I’ll finally be finished with my 2015 racing schedule. Some people get post-race blues, but since the Columbus Marathon is a late October race I have a lot of things I am looking forward to after it’s over.

Time Off
This is probably the most obvious, but I am looking forward to at least one whole full week of no exercise whatsoever. Sleeping in, hanging out, no running at all. Aside from that, I won’t move into another training cycle until 2016 and I love the low pressure maintenance running time during the holidays. I can explore new routes, do more cross training, or skip a day if I feel like it. It’ll be awesome.

My husband & I have a long weekend mountain getaway planned for late fall and I have been counting down the days (not literally) since we booked it in August. It will be our first getaway since our honeymoon so it’s long overdue.

Hosting a Wine Night
It’s been almost a year since I’ve hosted a wine night! I love getting my friends together from different areas of my life (running, lacrosse, work, etc.) to all hang out together.

Weekend Hiking
We have so many beautiful metro parks in the Columbus area with great hiking, but my husband and I both prefer to lay around on Sunday morning since we both have early Saturday morning’s most of the year. Saturday afternoon is way too hot in the summer to hike so it will be a nice way to take advantage of those crisp fall afternoons.

Um, duh. I know Christmas means winter and for a lot of people it also means stressful gift buying and whatnot, but I tend to love Christmastime. I love our home when it’s decorated for Christmas, I like picking out gifts for people, and I love getting to visit my family.

All of these things have been playing in my mind the past three weeks as I get closer to race day. I don’t think I’ll have any blues after the race is over because I have plenty to enjoy to finish out 2015!

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