Columbus Marathon Training: Week 17

One week to go! Since week 18 is just measly mileage to keep my legs moving, I consider week 17 to have been my real last week of training. This was also the week that my mileage cut back significantly and I finally felt like I was tapering! I started out the week with an easy 4 miles. I had to look up my route for a 4 mile run because it had been about two months since I had a 4 mile run on the schedule.

An upside of this week has been getting more sleep and feeling a bit more energized. I never felt exhausted during training, but having to get to bed early every night for early wake up calls did make me feel like I didn’t have much of a life during the week. Tuesday evenings my husband usually teaches music lessons, but he had some cancellations this week so we decided to go out to dinner to one of our favorite places, 101 Beer Kitchen. I consider this to be one of the best restaurants in the Columbus area. They just introduced their fall menu and we ordered the butternut squash perogie’s for our appetizer – they were

Butternut squash perogies!
Butternut squash perogies!

On Wednesday I had my last hard effort run of the training cycle, but just 6 miles worth. I did a mini progressive run so I could really get my legs moving at the end. 9:03/9:03/8:55/8:47/8:26/7:57.

Last hard effort.
Last hard effort.

Thursday my friend Nicole texted me around 5pm to let me know she was out by my office and wanted to see if I wanted to grab a happy hour drink with her. Since I didn’t have to get up at 4am for my run, I happily accepted her invite. It was nice to catch up and also talk about the race. Nicole already ran her goal race for the season and is now staying in shape to train for Boston this spring. She is currently registered for the half marathon next weekend and will be running the first half of the race with me. Saturday morning she texted me to let me know that she had contacted the race organization about switching to the full so she could be with me the whole way.

Friday morning I had 3 little miles. I ended up getting out earlier than anticipated and when I finished I realized I had some time to walk the dogs. My husband has been taking on the morning dog-walking (besides Tuesday morning when I have a rest day), so I was happy to be able to give him the opportunity to sleep in for an extra half hour!

Yesterday was my last long run (8 miles) with my training group. It was a chilly, beautiful fall morning and a great day for our last group run. It was nice to be finished so early and two of my friends (Katie and Mona) and one of our coaches (also a Katie) headed to brunch afterward. This will be Katie & Mona’s first marathon as well, so it was fun to hang out and celebrate our hard work together.

Brunch selfie!
Brunch selfie! From L to R, Mona, myself, Katie (coach), and Katie

We all had mimosas and I had the chicken & waffles as my entree.


In all I ran 25 miles this week. I realized my body had adapted well to the higher mileage, but also how truly time consuming this race preparation has been. I am looking forward to half marathon training this winter so I have a little more time on my hands!

Since it was such a beautiful night, my husband & I decided to go out for dinner & a drink. The waiter brought me the wrong beer so I ended up with two. The wrong one was a little hoppy for my taste, but I still drank half!

Double the beer, double the fun.
Double the beer, double the fun.

Today I am tracking my friends running the Chicago Marathon and getting the house ready for my parents to arrive next weekend for the race. I took Friday off from work and will be heading to the chiropractor to work out an last minute kinks and then I’m off to the expo to pick up my stuff!

I have a million phantom pains and my legs are itching to move more, but my heart rate was lower than usual during my run Saturday morning so I know that my taper is working and my body is recovering from training. It’s been a long 17 weeks, but I am so excited and thankful that race week is finally here.

2 thoughts on “Columbus Marathon Training: Week 17

    1. Thank you! I am excited and pretty nervous. I’m sure the nerves will kick in harder at the end of the week. I will of course enjoy the extra sleep. Not too thrilled to carbo load, but I am looking forward to the pumpkin bread mix I bought as part of it!

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