Friday Five: 5 of My Childhood Halloween Costumes

When I was a kid, my mom wouldn’t buy our halloween costumes. She always made them for us and always came up with fun, creative things. I have a feeling that I will take the same route when I have kids as well, but not to the level my mom took it – before Dorothy shoes were readily available she made mine by gluing individual red sequins onto a pair of red shoes she had spray painted! It was a hit though and I remember the next year a lot of kids at school had their very own Dorothy shoes. Here are five costumes my mom made me. Unfortunately I don’t have photos to accompany these, but it’s more unfortunate because you can’t see my mom’s awesome costume making skills! Here’s one of me from my pre-school days though.

I'm a teddy bear!
I’m a teddy bear!

Little Red Riding Hood
This was my kindergarten costume. I wore a yellow dress I already had and my mom made me a red hooded cape. I carried a basket with a stuffed dog in it and a stale loaf of bread we happened to have around the house.

A Carrot
This one was my 1st grader idea. My mom asked me what I wanted to be, I said a carrot, and she made me a carrot costume complete with a little stuffed carrot to carry around with me.

A Picnic
This idea actually came from American Girl Magazine. Back in the day, this magazine was awesome and always had great birthday party and Halloween ideas. This one will take a little imagination, but it went like this: A dowel with a red and white checkered piece of material attached. The dowel went on my shoulder area (attached to a string that went around me) and then she attached paper plates and plastic food to the material. Voila! I was a picnic!

A Garden
Another American Girl Magazine one. The costume was a box that I was inside, it hung from my shoulders with thick ribbon. The box was painted white and cut like a picket fence and then there were flowers coming out of it. Pretty simple, pretty cute, pretty original.

Zac Hanson
GUYS. I can’t leave this one off the list. I was a huge Hanson fan (I still like them – yes, they’re still around) and by 6th grade this was time when I had to take over my own costumes. I braided my hair in chunky braids and wore an ADIDAS style shirt that they made popular at the time and topped it off with a VIP pass around my neck and some drum sticks.


I hope everyone has a happy & safe Halloween!

8 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 of My Childhood Halloween Costumes

  1. Jess from JessRunsATL

    Ok I really wish you had pictures of these, so creative!!! My costumes were never this creative…what wonderful memories to have 🙂


  2. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    The Zac Hanson costume – dying! Only our generation can really appreciate that, lol.

    I was Bill Clinton one year. I bought a mask and then wore pants and a collared shirt. I didn’t have a tie so I made one out of blue and silver glittery duct tape. My dad’s ties were just way too huge on me, I think. But it was definitely more fun that way!


      1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

        Oh, it totally was. I think this was 97 or 98, when I was in 5th or 6th grade. I just thought it would be funny!


  3. Heather Shoe

    Yay Hanson! On more than one occasion I made my mom put a million little braids in my hair – not even for Halloween, just because I was a big Hanson nerd.


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