Friday Five: 5 Things I Love About My Big Sister

It’s my big sister’s birthday! My sister still lives back in Virginia and I wish I could spend more time with her, but we make great use of text messaging, phone calls, and FaceTime to talk to each other multiple times a week. We started our first 10K together and her first Half Marathon together. We got married three months apart from each other. In honor of her big day, I wanted to dedicate this post to five things I love about her. (Mom, if you’re reading this – don’t cry, ok?)

With my sister on my wedding day.
With my beautiful sister on my wedding day.

She has always been a friend to me
I’m sure I definitely played the annoying-little-sister card quite a few times, but it was a rarity that I felt left out or turned away for being the younger one. When I was a freshman in high school she was a senior and I hung out with her and her friends more than anyone in my freshman class. She encouraged me to apply to work at the same summer job as her and one of my favorite high school memories is when she got her drivers license and we would drive out to Alexandria together just to walk down by the water for a few minutes. It was almost an hour drive to get out there and I was always so happy when she asked me if I wanted to go. Going against the big-sister stereotype, she has always shared her clothes with me too!

Throw back to the pool days!
Throw back to the pool days!

She always has time to help me
No matter how busy, my big sis has always had time to help me. Whether it was proof-reading a paper for me in college, helping me edit my resume and cover letter, or talking to her own HR manager about benefits offered to me during job offers (really happened), she always finds time to help out her little sis!

Zoo trip in February
Zoo trip in February

She’ll be goofy with me
I like to make up songs, do silly dances, and impersonate things/people on TV. For as long as I can remember, my sister has been willing to join in on the joke with me or act like a champ when I made her the joke 😉 One of my favorites was in middle school when I would impersonate the kids on the show Arthur during the “And now a word from us kids” bit. “Todaaaay, in science claaaaass…”

Matron of honor speech

She encourages me and supports me
My sister had a wedding the weekend after my race so she couldn’t come into town for my marathon. My husband hung onto my phone during the race, but when I finished and got it back from him I had congratulatory texts from my sister including my official time. I called her as soon as we began walking back to our car and she was so sweet and encouraging, mentioning that she had been tracking me the whole time.

After the half marathon in Richmond. Her first half and my first time breaking 2 hours.
After the half marathon in Richmond. Her first half and my first time breaking 2 hours.

She’s not too proud to ask her little sister for advice or an opinion
When my sister was training for her second half marathon, she wanted to break two hours. She would call me and ask me for my advice on her training. This was a huge deal for me because she was the track and cross country runner in high school so I always considered her the “runner” in the family. (She did break 2 hours.) I have always felt I can be honest with my sister when talking with her about my opinions without her getting angry or holding a grudge if we don’t agree on something.

The older I get, the more I appreciate my relationship with my sister. I could go on and on about all the things I love about her, but I’m only supposed to list 5 today so that’s that. Happy birthday, Amy!

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