Weekly Wrap Up – Voting & Wine Night

Work has been pretty busy & this week really flew by. Nothing too exciting going on, just continuing to enjoy a lighter workout schedule. Tuesday morning I headed to the polls to vote. Columbus was electing a new mayor for the first time in 16 years and of course the pot issue was on the ballot so it was a pretty important year to vote.


We had unseasonably warm weather all week like most of the country which was actually kind of nice. Thursday night we even slept with the air conditioning on. By Friday night the temperatures began dropping down again and this morning there was frost in the grass when I took the dogs out. The last of the trees are peaking and it’s beginning to look like winter.

The last of fall.
The last of fall.

I am steadily getting back into the running routine. It rained on and off Thursday night so to avoid getting stuck in the rain again like the previous week, I headed to the gym Friday morning for the first time in months and hit the treadmill. I wasn’t thrilled about it, but I know I will be going there more and more as it begins to get cold and the weather turns. Saturday morning I met up with Katie again and our other friend Mona joined us for 8 miles. I got in 20 miles total this week which is a good step up. I’m making my way back to 25 to build up a solid base before half marathon training starts again. I am happy to be back to running some more, but am definitely still in recovery mode.

Last night I had my annual ladies wine night. Last year it was a football bye week, but this year we had the game on. We had a pretty nice spread. My favorite was the cookie cake with peanut butter topping that Courtney brought, she knows me well.

This is how you do game night!
This is how you do game night!

It’s a fun way to get my girlfriends from different life activities together to catch up. One of my friends that came last year moved to Kentucky and I invited her on a whim and she just so happened to be in town, so it was nice that she could make it again.

Ladies wine night!
Ladies wine night!

It was the first time Archie has had a larger group over at the house and my husband & I were really surprised with how well behaved he was in that he wasn’t going crazy or getting into things. He and Gus spent most of the evening upstairs with my husband, but they greeted everyone in their OSU bandanas.

IMG_3450Since it was a 8pm game, I ended up staying up way later than usual. I was really tired today and spent the majority of the day snoozing with the pups. My laptop is actually resting on Archie right now who is laying across my lap as I write this! My husband made some homemade soup so the house smells amazing and I’ll be having a bowl for dinner here shortly.

I am starting to work on Christmas gift lists and am getting excited for the holidays. This is my favorite time of year and I actually don’t mind the Christmas decorations that are starting to pop up.

That’s it for now! This coming week there will be more work, more running, and more regular ol’ life stuff happening.

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