Friday Five: 5 Ways You Can #OptOutside Today

REI had a great #optoutside campaign happening this year. You can read about it here. The idea behind it is to stay out of retail shopping for the day and use the day off to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. I’ve never been into Black Friday, but I know not everyone likes to hike, kayak, or climb, so here are 5 simple ways you can #optoutside today.

Go for a long run
DUH. Instead of heading out to the closest retailer, spend an hour or two hitting the pavement. Burn off that turkey from yesterday and enjoy the flood of endorphins.

Take the dogs for a walk
Our pups get two long walks a day, but an easy way to get outside today is to take your dog for a walk – or in our case, an extra walk!

Play some touch football
A friend of mine from high school had a family tradition to play touch football on Thanksgiving. Why not the day after Thanksgiving, too? Get the family together and get outside for some game time. Kick ball, softball, or just a game of tag can work too.

Hang the Christmas lights
The Christmas season is officially here, so if you’re one that waits until after Thanksgiving to decorate then get outside and hang those lights today.

Have a picnic
Cold? Rainy? Snowy? Nice out? Regardless of the weather, most parks have covered shelters (some in Columbus even have fire places!) so pack up those leftovers, get bundled up, and spend some time picnicking outside.

I’m so supportive of this campaign because I think it’s important to keep things in perspective and not get caught up in the retail rush of the holiday season. I hope everyone finds a way to get outside today.

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