“Bring Your Green Hat” – Why I Don’t Run Streak

I almost didn’t write this post because over the past few weeks a bunch of posts on the same topic have popped up, but since it was one I had planned on writing I decided to go for it anyway.


I have never participated in a run streak and I really have no intentions to participate in one. A few years ago a friend ask me if I wanted to join her in the challenge, but I politely declined – I would be visiting my family for a week around Christmas and having to run was last on the priority list during that visit. I usually try to fit in a run when I am home to visit my parents because I love running around where they live, but it wasn’t something I wanted to be tied to during my visit. During my training cycles I get pretty focused on making sure to get my workouts in, eating healthy, and getting enough rest. During the holidays I want to drink wine, eat junk, stay up late, and hang out with friends & family without feeling like I “have” to go running the next day.

I love to run and it is one of my hobbies, it’s not a to-do list item. Sticking to a training schedule can be tough enough when working full-time and having other things going on in life. I don’t want running to become something I have to make sure I do every day – especially during my off-season when the pressure should be off. Because I genuinely enjoy running, I don’t really need extra motivation to get up and out for a run. I am still running 4-5 times a week during my off season, but I have the flexibility around when and how often.

I am also serious about recovery. I think rest days are very important, even for runners who do not consider themselves injury-prone. Since I’m barely warmed up after a mile, doing “just a mile” wouldn’t really benefit my physical recovery. Plus, I’m more than “just a mile” kind of girl. If I’m going to get up early and change out of my cozy PJs into my running clothes, I’m going to want to run for more than 10 minutes!

So if you’re a run streaker, cheers to you! I’ll be sitting on my couch Sunday mornings cozied up with the dogs and a hot cup of tea… or I’ll be hiking… or I’ll be shopping… or I’ll be doing whatever I feel like doing!


2 thoughts on ““Bring Your Green Hat” – Why I Don’t Run Streak

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    I don’t run streak either. For me, it’s more that these big streaking initiatives never fall at convenient times for me: I’m either already in training, or I’m finally OUT of training and need to enjoy some off time while I can before another cycle. I don’t think I’d do one anyway. I don’t have anything against it per se, but one of the things I find hardest about running and training isn’t the activity itself, it’s how time-consuming it is. The reason I sometimes struggle in training isn’t because I don’t love running but because I begin to resent the time it takes out of my life. Even a short run every day becomes time consuming when you take into consideration having to change clothes, shower after, etc. I think it’s great for people who find motivation and value in run streaks but I’m with you on this one – just not my cup of tea


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