Weekly Wrap Up – Nearing the End of the Off Season

Twelve days until Christmas! It sure doesn’t feel like it though with this spring-like weather. I am actually hoping it cools down again for the holiday week because I find it hard to get into the Christmas spirit when I’m walking around in shorts.

I had a good week running-wise as I head into the last few weeks of the off-season. Monday was an easy 5 mile run, nothing significant. Wednesday I opted to do mile repeats – nothing too crazy, just a 1 mile warm up, 3 x 1 mile with 1 minute rest, and 1 mile cool down. I did take the mile repeats a bit too fast, but since it was only 3 total it wasn’t too bad. Friday morning I went out for an easy 3 miler and really enjoyed looking at the Christmas lights. It’s a fun time of year to run and I’m not looking forward to the Christmas lights coming down and going back to running in the dark.

This Saturday was the last weekend before our running group starts up again. Our official kick off is in January, but there are a few open house sessions for runners who want to check out the group before signing up. One of my friends, Mona, lives about a half mile from the trail so we met up there and headed south towards the river. The greenway recently reopened and we had all been wanting to go run there. It was the perfect day to do so and it was nice to just be in a tank top and shorts in December! Both the Katie’s are training for a February marathon and had 14 miles on their schedule. Mona hasn’t been running regularly and wanted to do 7-8. We headed south down to the river and ran 4 miles and then headed back north where Mona broke off from the group to head home. We did about 3.5 more north and then headed back to Mona’s. I opted to do the full 14 miles because, why not? Cutting my Friday run to 3 miles instead of 5 (barely) kept me below 30 miles and I ended the week with 27 miles total.

Me with Katie & Katie after our run!
Me with Katie & Katie after our run!

Afterward, we headed out to brunch together. We had been talking about doing this run and brunch for weeks and luckily our schedules finally matched up. We had chosen our brunch spot because of their spiked hot chocolate, but given the temperatures we all opted for cold drinks. I had a Wake Up Call which was espresso infused vodka. It was delicious. After, we ordered a pitcher of mimosas.


We had a lot of fun and all of the staff were dressed up for Christmas. Our waiter had a onesie on and someone was even dressed as Santa.

Mona, Katie, our waiter, me, Katie, and Santa!
Mona, Katie, our waiter, me, Katie, and Santa!

December is flying by and I can’t believe the off season is almost over. I know adding a 5th day of running back into my schedule will ultimately do me good, but I’m really enjoying sleeping in twice during the week right now!

Last night we had a friend’s annual holiday party. A bunch of former coworkers from a few jobs back were there and it’s always fun to catch up with them. There were lots of little kiddos too which was actually pretty entertaining. One of my favorite parts was when the host’s 3 year old daughter bit into a cookie and put it back on the plate. Then she bit into another one, smelled it, and put it back onto the plate. Kids are so funny! (Also, her mom removed the cookies and told her daughter to just put what she didn’t like on a different plate.)

Today has been filled with cleaning, laundry, and I’m getting ready to run errands. I have to address our Christmas cards this evening and hopefully get some work done. Work has been so busy this past two weeks and I’m really looking forward to our week off!

My desk this week.
My desk this week.

I hope everyone had a great week and was able to take advantage of this warm weather.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up – Nearing the End of the Off Season

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    Mid December and in the mid-50s…but then again it IS technically still fall! You’ve been kicking butt in your off season, I’m impressed with your mileage. I’m sure it’s easier when you have run buddies but otherwise you couldn’t pay me to do a 14 miler when I’m not training, LOL.


    1. This is true what you say about fall, but last year it had snowed 3-4 times already! The warm weather + running buddies definitely helped make the 14 miles enjoyable otherwise I wouldn’t have been out there. Unfortunately it’s going to be below freezing again this weekend, womp womp.


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