Weekly Wrap Up – Spring Goal Race!

Is anyone still out there in blog world? Admittedly I have been slacking on reading/commenting on blogs over the past two weeks. It’s finally Christmas week and half marathon training starts two weeks from today. This past week I finally went ahead and registered for my spring goal race.

First, the Losers…
For the past three years I’ve registered for the Capital City Half Marathon. This was my first half marathon ever. In 2014 I ended up getting injured and couldn’t run it. This year I ran it, but just for fun/a way to get into shape for full marathon training since running a full was my big goal for the year. There’s a few reasons why I didn’t choose this race.. first, this year CCHM will be the USA Half Marathon Championship. That means way more people spectating, but also way more people running to be part of such a big event. Since I want to train for a PR this spring, I didn’t want a large and crowded race. Second… price. CCHM has gotten really expensive. Third and final… the course has changed a lot since the first year I ran CCHM and I’m not really a huge fan of the course now. CCHM is definitely a super fun race, but it just wasn’t the right fit for me this year.

Pittsburgh was another option and the true runner up. I have wanted to run Pittsburgh for two years now and it was a close second, but I really wanted a smaller race this spring and that one is huge – not to mention all the bridges! Finally, Flying Pig was on the short list. The training schedule matches up with my training group (same weekend as Pittsburgh and CCHM), but again due to size this one lost out.

And the winner is…
As of this week, I am officially registered for Glass City in Toledo. Technically it’s the Owing’s Corner Half Marathon, but part of Glass City. A huge reason this race won out is that it’s on the smaller size (10,250 max participants between all events). It’s mostly run through the suburbs so it’s a lower key race. It starts/ends at the University of Toledo, hits a few neighborhoods, and a multi-use paved trail. It’s also fast and flat (the marathon is a big BQ goal race) which is good for a PR goal.

Time to figure out a training plan!
Time to figure out a training plan!

My current half marathon PR is 1:49:16 which was from Columbus last fall. I don’t have a specific time goal other than running faster than a 1:49:16. I have a few races I’m registered for at specific points in my training that will help me gauge my fitness & progress (health & weather permitting!) and help me determine if a PR will even be possible. Training this winter will be a lot different than last when my focus was just to get into shape and into a routine. I’ll kick things off with a 5K on New Year’s Day to get an idea of my starting fitness and then officially start training on January 4th!

This past week’s running was quite a drop off from past weeks. I started out strong, but started out the week with a weird chest thing. I didn’t have a cough and didn’t feel sick, but was a little wheezy. Friday I decided to sleep in and ended up leaving work early to go to urgent care in hopes they could give me an inhaler. The doc said it was okay for me to run since I didn’t have any issues earlier in the week and wasn’t coughing, but not to do so outside since the temps were dropping. My training group had an open house workout this Saturday that I had to skip, but when I woke up and saw the temperature I wasn’t sad about it. I headed to the gym on Sunday for 5 miles and wrapped up with 15 miles total for the week – the least amount in about two months! It was nice to not feel stressed about missing mileage or just doing a short run on Sunday.

Saturday morning's weather. Not sad to miss that.
Saturday morning’s weather. Not sad to miss that.

Before it turned cold, we had some great weather last week. Work was insane and I am definitely looking forward to the holiday break. My office is closed starting Christmas Eve through the new year which will be a very welcomed break. Here’s a picture from one of my lunch breaks.

Gorgeous holidays (see what I did there?)
Gorgeous holidays (see what I did there?)

One of the perks of my job is the great gifts receive from our media partners. We work closely throughout the year with these partners so it’s a fun surprise to see what they send. Here is one of my favorites from this year:


Wine, coffee, and chocolate, what more can you need?!

I am really looking forward to spending some time with our family over Christmas. I’m hoping to get a run in next Saturday with my big sis and possibly her husband. We’ve also got some shopping planned.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! I’m looking forward to everyone’s post-holiday updates and getting back into the grind of training.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up – Spring Goal Race!

  1. Heather Shoe

    I ran the Glass City half a couple years ago! I was a little under trained and quite sick the day of the race, but it was an excellent race and an excellent course. Definitely a PR type of course. I’m so excited to follow your training! I’m going to be focused on 5ks this spring, so I won’t be joining you for the half, but I might be heading down to Toledo for the 5k that weekend.


    1. I’ve never raced a 5K before (I ran a 5K for my first race ever, but obviously wasn’t racing), so a focus on 5Ks sounds like it would be a nice change of pace! I’m looking forward to racing my first. If you end up deciding to go down for the 5K at Toledo, let me know!


  2. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    Whoo hoo!!! So exciting! I’m glad we’re going to be training buds this winter, even if it is at different distances. I’m kinda bummed you’re not doing Pittsburgh but I totally get it (says the girl who is aiming for a marathon PR…LOL…). The size of the race and hills concern me too but I’m hoping that good corral placement and lots of hill training will offset that. I guess we’ll see! I am strongly considering training for a half marathon PR in the fall, so I’m excited to follow your training!


    1. I’m tempted to come out and cheer you on at Pittsburgh – would that be weird??? But yeah, the size was a huge factor in this decision. I really wanted a lower-key race. I think you will do fine with the hills and I think Pittsburgh is a great choice for a spring full. Now if you’re looking for a fall PR half, may I suggest Columbus? 😉


      1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

        No! It’s not weird, please come cheer!!! lol. I will definitely keep Columbus in mind! Would you believe there are no October halves in my area? What gives??


  3. You should really consider Pittsburgh for 2017. You are right, it is a big race and there is a lot of traffic. But the half course is pretty sweet, the weather is great for running, and the crowd support is just awesome.

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