Weekly Wrap Up – Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I had a great time visiting our families and I even managed to get in 20 miles this week. Monday morning I hit the gym and got 5 done on the treadmill, but on Wednesday we packed up the dogs and gifts and headed to Virginia.

Our first stop was my husband’s parent’s house. It was nice and warm and I enjoyed getting in 5 miles in a tank top and shorts on Christmas Eve. When I got back my mother-in-law had bacon and pancakes waiting which was awesome. After a shower and a nap, we headed to one of my favorite spots in his town to pick up a Peruvian chicken sandwich and fried yucca. So good! We went to Mass on Christmas Eve and then cooked dinner at home before exchanging gifts. I got a great zip up sweater from Lands End and a generous gift card to REI amongst other things. My in-laws have a beagle named Romeo that we think our basset hound Archie is close to in age. Romeo, Archie, and Gus had fun hanging out in the yard. Archie even got a hang of the doggie door.

Gift exchange number one at the in-laws
Gift exchange number one at the in-laws

On Christmas morning we had breakfast with my in-laws and then packed up the car to drive my parent’s house. Right now our parents live about 40 minutes apart which has made it easy on us for the past few years at Christmas. My sister and her husband had made the trip up to my parent’s house on Christmas Eve with their dog and my parent’s have a dog as well, so in all there were four dogs hanging around the house for the weekend which made for some commotion, but also some good laughs.

Gift exchange number two!
Gift exchange number two!

I was really excited to see my sister because we hadn’t seen each other since last Christmas! We talk all the time and she usually visits at least once a year, but between all the going-ons this year we just couldn’t work out a good time for a visit. She mailed me some PJ pants so we could be twinsies on Christmas day.

Drinking mimosas with my sister in our matching Christmas PJs!
Drinking mimosas with my sister in our matching Christmas PJs!

I was excited to exchange gifts with my family because I felt I had picked out some good stuff this year. My husband and I had exchanged our main gifts a week ago so we wouldn’t have to take up room in the car toting them to and from Virginia. He got me this awesome print made. Big shout out to my BRF, Courtney, for helping him with this one!

img_4052I asked him if I get one for every marathon, but he said just my first. I’ll admit, it was really satisfying to see the 3:56:31 in bold, orange print.

We spent most of Christmas playing games and hanging out before having delicious home made meatballs and baked ziti for dinner.

I got up early Saturday morning for a run. I love running through my parent’s town, especially the historic downtown area. I headed out and did 6 through downtown and on the bike trail. Then I head back to my parent’s house to meet up with my sister and we ran over to the historic park across the street from my parent’s neighborhood. A new trail-type road had recently opened in the park so we were able to run out and back for a total of 4 miles. It was so scenic and beautiful and I loved getting to finish up my long run with a few miles with my big sis. If you happened to have seen the 2014 Steve Carrel/Channing Tatum movie, Foxcatcher, much of that movie was filmed in that park and it’s also where we had our wedding reception!

Later in the morning we headed out to lunch at a wine restaurant downtown and then went shopping at the outlets. This is a tradition that was started 3 years ago when we had a white Christmas and we all ended up staying an extra day because of it. I ordered a flight of wine and some vegetable gnocchi and then we headed off to shop!

L to R: My brother-in-law, my sister, myself, my husband
L to R: My brother-in-law, my sister, myself, my husband

There’s a bit of irony that we go to the outlets because my sister and I (and most of our town) actually worked there in high school and rarely ever shopped there. I’d say they have improved greatly in the past 10 years, but you still have to watch out for things that aren’t great deals. I had put some money aside for this trip and ended up picking up a nice winter running top for dirt cheap at Nike, some sweaters at Eddie Bauer, and another pair of jeans at Express. We finished up the night with another tradition – a game of Phase 10 which my brother-in-law won.

This morning after some breakfast we headed back on the long road trip to Ohio. I’m happy to be home, but the visit just felt so shorty! My office is closed this week so I am looking forward to a relaxing staycation and Friday’s 5K race.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.


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