Glass City Half Marathon Training: Week One

Week one is in the books. After 12 full days of no work, heading back to a full work week and starting training in the same week was a bit of a shock to my body. Needless to say, I slept really well this week! Luckily it was a low-key week with mileage consistent to what I’ve been doing so it wasn’t too bad. Winter finally arrived this week though and that definitely made a difference, but I’m so thankful that it held off so long this year.

Monday: 5 miles easy
Tuesday: Core & Upper arm strength
Wednesday: 4 miles easy
Thursday: 3 miles easy, stability exercises
Friday: 4 miles easy, form drills
Saturday: 8 miles easy with my training group
Sunday: Core strength
Total Miles: 24

This upcoming week will be another easy week, but then my schedule begins to change up. Right now I am running by heart rate, but in the upcoming weeks there will only be two days a week that I run by heart rate as I begin to incorporate in some moderate pace runs and speed work.

Yesterday was the official season kick off for my training group. A wonderful, local photographer recently started a new business specifically for affordable sports photos. The photos are free to share on social media and only cost $1-$2 each to purchase for printing and other use. He’s been doing photography at most of the local races and our training group hired him to come take some photos of our kick off which was a nice bonus.

Finishing up our 8 mile run
Finishing up our 8 mile run

The weather was in the mid-40s yesterday making for a comfortable kick off. After the run I headed over to Fleet Feet to pick up my training jacket. Jeff was making pancakes and there were a lot of people there socializing, eating, and shopping.

"Are you taking a picture of me because I'm making pancakes or because of my outfit?"
“Are you taking a picture of me because I’m making pancakes or because of my outfit?”

This year anyone that was a returning member also got a nice ceramic mug. I enjoyed sipping my tea from it this morning.


I will probably be in the gym a few times this upcoming week since we have a few mornings with temperatures that are supposed to be below 10 degrees and a few chances of snow. Tis the season, I guess! I’d rather focus on getting quality runs in on the treadmill than freezing my ass off trying to get some miles in. Our basset hound fished out my bag that had some of my running stuff in it, took out my ear buds, and chewed them up so I will have to pick up a new pair today.

I hope everyone had a great week of training. Don’t forget to follow me on BlogLovin’!

3 thoughts on “Glass City Half Marathon Training: Week One

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    We’ve had winter roughness here the past couple weeks, and it’s the pits. But, I’m glad it happened now instead of later. I’d rather be trying to adjust to it early on than later on when it’s not as easy to be flexible all the time. It is supposed to be bitterly cold here this week too. I’ll probably still run outside still! The cold doesn’t bother me as much as the potential ice does. Luckily it’s my cutback week, so the runs are short and I won’t be out as long.

    Welcome to training! Congrats on your first week!


    1. I have a rule that if it’s below zero (with or without windchill) then I run inside. It’s not so much that the cold bothers me, but I run so early in the morning that it’s dangerous enough without bad weather so if the conditions aren’t good then I tend to play it safe and go to the gym. It’s going to be in the negatives with windchill a few mornings this week, but tomorrow morning it’ll also be icy from the snow today. Definitely don’t want a car skidding and hitting me! Hope your training is going well!


  2. Heather Shoe

    I’d love to see a post on what stability exercises you are doing! Especially if it is something that I could easily tack on to an easy run day.

    Great first week of training!


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