Glass City Half Marathon Training: Week Two

Week two brought our first snow of the year, first sub-zero temps of the year, and lots of treadmill running. Despite these inconveniences I managed to get all of my workouts in for the week.

Gus has this winter thing down
Gus has this winter thing down

I knew going into week two that I was going to spend some time on the treadmill. While it’s not my favorite, it’s a safer option than early morning runs in the dark/cold/ice. The downside of this was that going to the gym means less time to run so I couldn’t do all of my runs by heart rate as originally planned.

Monday: 5 miles easy, treadmill
Tuesday: Abs & Glutes workout
Wednesday: 5 miles, treadmill (1 mile w/u, 3 mile @ MP, 1 mile c/d)
Thursday: 3 miles recovery, treadmill
Friday: 4 miles easy, outside! Abs & Arms strength work
Saturday: 9 miles easy with my training group
Sunday: Full rest day
Total Miles: 26

Monday night/Tuesday morning it snowed just around 2 inches. When I woke up Wednesday morning we had a windchill warning and it was icy out so back to the gym I went.  I decided to do an easy workout to entertain myself and it felt good to push the pace a little.

Wednesday morning ridiculousness.
Bone-chilling cold Wednesday

It warmed up to normal temperatures on Thursday and was already around 24 when I got up, but it was still icy out so hello treadmill again. It’s a little frustrating when it’s warm enough to run outside, but too icy for it to be safe. It hit above freezing during the day and the majority of the snow/ice melted. I was able to get outside for my Friday run which was great because I’m not sure if I could’ve gotten myself to the gym for a fourth day. It was still surprisingly slick out and I almost bit it on my cool down walk so I ended up scrapping my form drills.

Saturday’s training group run was really nice. We were out on a different trail that we only run on once in a while and it’s not my favorite, but there is one bridge that actually sways as it’s being crossed. It’s not visually noticeable, but by the time you hit the middle of the bridge it feels disorienting. I imagine it’s what it would feel like to run while drunk. I felt really good on this run and am happy with my second week of training.

Post long-run brunch
Post long-run brunch

Heading into week 3 my training plan changes a little. Monday now becomes moderate paced runs and Wednesday will be speed work. We already have a windchill advisory for Monday morning, so I am planning on heading back to the gym – womp womp. We also have a chance of snow this week so it’s likely I’ll be on the treadmill for my first speed workout on Wednesday. I prefer to do these outside because I feel like the treadmill takes out some of the work of pushing up to the interval pace, but I guess getting it done is better than not doing it at all. At least it’ll make the time go by quickly.

I figure it’s already half way through January, so there is probably a good 6 more weeks before the weather begins to turn again. That’s nothing, right?! Hang in there fellow snow bunnies, shorts weather will be here before we know it.


6 thoughts on “Glass City Half Marathon Training: Week Two

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    I feel your pain! My first week of training has been the only one with no ice, snow, or sub-20 temps. I’ll just chalk it up to mental toughness training – if we can get through this, we’ll feel invincible come Spring. And I’ll never again take it for granted being able to run outside and know the pavement will be dry the whole way!


    1. I always feel like this time of year is when I get my money’s worth from my gym membership. At least I’m getting some quality workouts done, it’s a plus that going into this week my runs aren’t all slow so the time goes a lot faster!


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