Glass City Half Marathon Training: Week Three

Only 90 days until race day and week three is now complete. This week brought more temperatures in the teens, more treadmill running, and a little bit of a cold. Luckily it was a cut back week and I was able to readjust my schedule at the end of the week.

Monday: 5 mile moderate pace run, treadmill
Tuesday: Strength work
Wednesday: 8×400 with 1.5 mile w/u and 1.5 mile c/d, treadmill
Thursday: 3 mile recovery run, treadmill
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 7 miles with my training group
Sunday: 4 miles, outside
Total Miles: 24

Week three brought the start of my speed work. Monday is moderate paced runs and Wednesdays are interval or tempo runs, depending on the week. I kept Monday’s run at marathon pace, but it felt nice to push the pace a bit in comparison to my easy days. I was a little bummed to do week one of intervals on the treadmill for my Wednesday workout because I think it’s easier to hit the pace when the ‘mill is pulling along, but the workout still served its purpose in getting my heart rate up, recovering, and pushing it up again. I did my intervals by heart rate, so rather than doing 400m recoveries, I rested until my heart rate dropped back down to zone 1. This ended up consistently being about a minute rest between repeats.

Wednesday I started to not feel great and a few of my coworkers have a cold so I thought maybe I was coming down with the same. I was happy to do my Thursday recovery run, but going to the gym multiple days a week is tough. I have to get up earlier than normal to get there in time to fit my workout in and I was feeling pretty tired. Thursday evening I was so tired I texted my husband to let him know I wasn’t cooking dinner and he’d have to fend for himself (by cooking the previously defrosted burger). I decided to sleep in on Friday and just do my 4 miler on Sunday. This ended up being a good plan because by Saturday I was feeling more like myself. The temperatures Wednesday morning weren’t too bad, but it was windy and the wind chill that came with it was nasty. Luckily the sun came out and it ended up being a pretty nice run when the wind was at my back.

More of the same this week.
More of the same this week.

I’m excited for this week because it’s going to be warm by January standards. Tuesday’s high is in the 40s and the morning temps will be in the 20s so I should be able to get outside all week.

We were lucky to not get any snow, though the southern counties in Ohio did get up to two feet. My family in Virginia was not as lucky. My parents ended up with 3 feet and my sister and her husband ended up with a foot and a half, which is a lot since they rarely get more than an inch of snow! My mom sent me this picture today when her and my father were working on shoveling themselves out.

So glad this missed us!
So glad this missed us!

Something else cool from this week – my husband & I met the first day of college. He happened to have a disposable camera that would resurface whenever he would move (out of the dorms, to different apartments, out for the final time) and we’d always snap pictures with it. Though all of the photos were taken on it, it came with us to North Carolina and now to Ohio. My husband surprised me this week by getting it developed and it was so fun to look back at the photos we’d taken. I’d like to buy another one and do the same over the next few years.

Young & in love
Young & in love

That’s about it for this week. We finished off the week with some grilled cheese and homemade beef & barely soup. I’m an okay cook, but my husband is much better, so it always makes me really happy when I make a meal that he tells me is really good. It was a great winter night dinner.



2 thoughts on “Glass City Half Marathon Training: Week Three

  1. Heather Shoe

    Grilled cheese and soup is the perfect winter meal! Yum! I too am feeling extremely grateful that the winter storm missed us. My best friend lives in NYC and she has been sharing photos of the 2+ feet that they got. What a mess for places that aren’t equipped to handle that amount of snow.

    Great week of training for you! Isn’t it nice when cut back weeks like up with weeks where you need to rearrange you schedule?


    1. My parent’s town is actually digging out fairly quickly, but of course there’s that whole issue of where to put the snow! I can’t imagine where NYC is going to put their snow.

      It was a nice relief on Thursday night knowing that it would be okay to move my run until Sunday.


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