Glass City Half Marathon Training: Week Six

Six weeks down, 10 weeks to go. This week brought another round of cold weather which landed me on the treadmill for most of the week.

Monday: 5 miles easy, outside
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Speed work, 1 mile w/u, 3×1 mile, 5m in c/du, evening strength work
Thursday: 3.5 mile recovery run, treadmill
Friday: 4 miles easy, treadmill
Saturday: 14 miles, outside
Sunday: Core work
Total Miles: 31

Since last Saturday’s long run had me doing 3 fast miles during it, Monday’s run was just an easy run rather than a moderate pace run. It was nice to have a relaxing run outside. My husband headed out of town on Monday morning and didn’t get back in until super late on Tuesday, so Tuesday morning I had to skip my regular strength work so I could fit in the dog’s morning walk and get to work on time. My husband walks them in the morning and I walk them when I get home from work, but Tuesday I had to pick up both walking shifts.

Wednesday’s speed work was rough. I was actually due for hill repeats, but I didn’t want to do those on the treadmill so I opted for mile repeats. My goal pace was actually slower than the fast miles in last Saturday’s long run, but it felt harder. I think a huge part of it was that I was on the treadmill and that just sucks. I also ran out of time so I cooled down for 5 minutes rather than a full mile. Thursday and Friday I was also on the treadmill, but I really didn’t want to do 14 miles on the treadmill Saturday so my friend Katie agreed to hit the trail with me.

Saturday's long run weather
Saturday’s long run weather

Our running group was cancelled on Saturday due to the temperatures, but we decided we would brave the elements rather than hit 14 on the treadmill. Once we got out there and got going it wasn’t too bad. The trees on the trail blocked a lot of the wind and I bought us some great toe warmers and hand warmers that made a huge difference. There was one section when we were right next to the river where the wind was pretty bad, but overall it wasn’t horrible like I expected. The one upside to cold weather is that my Vanilla Honey Stinger gels get a little frozen and then it’s like having an ice cream treat during the run. I layered really well and didn’t feel weighed down.

Not pictured: Buff, UA sweatshirt, Lulu jacket
LAYERS! Not pictured: Buff, UA sweatshirt, Lulu jacket

Yep, those are shorts, long johns, fleece-lined leggings, and top-layer leggings. My legs tend to be the coldest and this amount of layers worked great and I didn’t feel restricted. I probably could’ve left out the tank top under my fleece-lined UA shirt, though. I also decided not to wear the hat and that turned out to be a good decision. There was a think layer of snow on the trail, but it made the miles a bit softer so I didn’t mind much. My legs were tired afterward, but I’m glad we got outside and got it done. It ended up being one of those runs that shakes up the monotony of training a bit and makes it more memorable.

After a hot shower, stretching, and some food, I snuggled up with Archie in the living room while my husband & I watched the Olympic Marathon Trials. I was happy they aired them live and even though the temperatures were so hot there, it did make me miss running in shorts and a tank top! I was pumped that Meb made the team again and really enjoyed spending the afternoon watching the trials.

Today brought another cold day, but this one without windchill. When it’s this cold our dogs have to wear paw covers to protect their feet. Gus has gotten used to them and is pretty good about it, but Archie is still new to them and it’s pretty comical watching him walk around in them.


They’ve been good sports though and have been pretty chill despite not having a walk since Friday evening (it’s just too cold to keep them out for that long).

Week seven is a cut back week so all of my runs will be easy and I will likely take an extra rest day this week to help recover from these first few weeks of training. On Friday my sister is coming into town for my birthday so I will be looking forward to the end of the week.

Stay warm!

6 thoughts on “Glass City Half Marathon Training: Week Six

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    You are much braver than I – I moved my long run to Sunday to avoid the 2 degree temps on Saturday morning. I’m pretty impressed you can wear 4 layers of pants without feeling constricted. I wear a lined pair of sweatpants over my tights and that does the trick for me. My legs suffer most in the cold as well. Enjoy your cutback week! I’m so anxious to have a couple de facto cutback weeks coming up. I need it.


    1. This morning’s temps weren’t much better, just less windchill – but like I said the wind was pretty well blocked so that didn’t matter too much (or maybe it was just the millions of layers?!?). Neither of us actually thought we’d get all 14 in, I thought we’d get 8-10 at best. If I can get through this week it looks like next weekend will be capris and a long sleeved shirt which is just crazy! I can’t wait to read about your trip, did I ever mention my high school youth group leader lives in Guatemala now? I think I did. Anyway, I’m a little jealous you have such good reason for your de facto cutback weeks – enjoy them too!


  2. Heather Shoe

    The weather this past week was rough. I was super nervous about the cold before heading out for my long run on Saturday, but somehow through the magic of layering it really wasn’t that bad. Great job getting through all 14 miles!

    Your dog is beyond cute with his jacket and booties.


    1. Layering IS magic. We expected it to be absolutely miserable and were both nervous as well (and slightly dreading it), but didn’t feel any different than when we run in the 20s or 30s. And thank you about Archie, it’s pretty funny when he comes trotting into the room with his boots on.


  3. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    Awesome that you did 14 in those temps & it wasn’t bad! I also have my layers worked out, but my fingers & toes still freeze. I was thinking I’d need toe and hand warmers of I need to run in temps like that again. My dog also wears booties to protect from the salt, which really bothers him. But he’s worn them for a few winters now that he doesn’t mind them.


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