Glass City Half Marathon Training: Week Seven

Week seven was a cutback week and that ended up being a good thing – spoiler alert, I was in a car accident last Tuesday. Luckily I’m okay and it also wasn’t my fault… but more on that later! Having a week of all easy mileage and overall lower mileage was a nice break.

Monday: 5 miles, easy
Tuesday: Strength
Wednesday: 5 miles, easy
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 4 miles, easy
Saturday: 10 miles, easy
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 24

Tuesday morning we had some slushy snow, but I had actually planned to head into work early because I had a lot to do. While on the highway, an SUV lost control (going too fast for the weather & hit some slush), skidded across the road, spun around, and stopped in my lane perpendicular to my car. I had already been breaking because I could see her skidding across the road, but I had nowhere to go when she landed in my lane because there were cars on either side of me. I thought to myself, “Well, I’m going to have to hit her.” before slamming into the passenger side door since she had spun around. Then she drove all the way across the four lane highway to the right shoulder, but I just pulled off to the left since that was acutually closer. So crazy! Again, luckily I was okay and she admitted to fault. The one takeaway I hope others get from this story is that 4WD/AWD is a great tool to helping for additional traction, but it’s in no way a weather-proof solution. Drivers still need to slow down and drive with more caution in bad weather.

It was nice to not have to stress about doing a workout Wednesday morning and having an additional rest day on Thursday was really nice while dealing with all of my car stuff. My sister flew into town on Friday afternoon to stay the weekend and celebrate my birthday. We had amazingly beautiful and warm weather all weekend which was really refreshing. She actually stayed through today (Monday) so we had three whole days to hang out together. Saturday we went out to lunch and then downtown for some shopping. We went out for a nice dinner and then hung around at home for the evening.

Sunday morning we went to brunch with some of my friends.

Brunch with my friends!
Brunch with my friends!

The restaurant we went to serves children’s cereal with booze-spiked milk. I had Cocoa Puffs with Kahlua! I can’t remember the last time I had Cocoa Puffs, but they’re definitely better with spiked milk. I also had biscuits and gravy.



My friend’s daughter will turn 4 next month and came to brunch as well. After we all finished eating we were waiting for our checks when she spoke up and asked, “When’s the cake coming out?” I told her we weren’t having cake and she asked, “Then what are we waiting for?” My sister and I laughed about this the rest of the day.

My fancy breakfast drink with a rose petal in it
My fancy breakfast drink with a rose petal in it


Me & my big sister
Me & my big sister

After brunch, my sister and I headed down to the art museum and explored downtown a little.

Since my actual birthday is today (Monday), I had taken the day off from work. My sister and I went for a run together on the trail where I run on the weekend. Then we went to the mall for some shopping. I used some birthday money my parents gave me to get some Oakleys for running. I’m pretty excited to wear them – I hope it’s sunny on Saturday! Since it was another beautiful day, we ended up taking the dogs to the dog park for a bit.

Tomorrow morning my sister heads home and Wednesday I’m back to a hard workout. It was a great down week and a nice birthday weekend, but it’s time to get back to work!

4 thoughts on “Glass City Half Marathon Training: Week Seven

  1. Heather Shoe

    Happy Birthday! That birthday brunch sounds amazing! I need spiked cereal in my life.

    I’m so glad that you weren’t injured in that car accident. Yikes!


  2. I am so sorry to hear about your accident but I am so glad you are okay! Accidents are so scary. I think people drive too fast in general, and underestimate how bad weather can affect travel. And the people who aren’t driving too fast are often very timid and apprehensive, which is also a problem.

    Your daughters comment about the cake…priceless! Sounds like something I would say 🙂 Those Cocoa Puffs in the spiked milk though…Seriously?! YES PLEASE!


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