Glass City Half Marathon Training: Week Eleven

It’s the final countdown! Just 5 weeks until race day and 4 weeks until taper. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Race week will be here before I know it and I am starting to feel ready – and ready for that sweet week off from running following race day.

Monday: 6 miles, easy
Tuesday: 20 min core & stability work
Wednesday: Speed work, 2 mile w/u, 5 mile tempo, 1 mile c/d
Thursday: 4 mile recovery run
Friday: 5.25 miles, easy
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 1.50 mile w/u, Scioto Miles 10K (long course, 6.52 miles)
Total Miles: 31.50

This week was a good one and the only downside was that the temperatures dove back down below freezing towards the end of the week. Friday morning’s run was rough. After 2 miles I contemplated just cutting my route towards home. I decided to go another mile hoping that would help me warm up more and get into the groove. My heart rate & pace were fine, but my legs felt heavy and tired. Going into mile 4 I still wasn’t feeling it and I decided it wasn’t worth pushing since I wanted to be able to race on Sunday. I ended up cutting my run short and finished with 5.25 miles instead of 6.

Saturday I took a rest day instead of doing my normal long run to get ready for my 10K race. I obviously didn’t do any type of taper leading up to it, but I wanted to have some rest going into it. I’ll do a separate race recap, but it went really well. I lined up at the start with a pacer that I knew and he let me know that the course had been a little long last year so he would be adjusting pace as necessary once he figured out what the course was like. The course ended up being long, but I knew right from mile 1 that was the case and that my official time wouldn’t be a PR. Because of the long course, I’m using my unofficial time of 48:04. I have definitely made some progress during this training cycle and I am ready to dig into these last 4 weeks of training before my one week taper.


Saturday night we went to a wedding reception for a couple that met through our running group. They had a destination wedding in December and this was their local reception so we could all celebrate.

The invite
The invite

We had a great time and they had delicious food including a mashed potato bar. The mashed potatoes were served in a martini glass. I had two servings of that deliciousness! There was also a carving station and a taco bar. For dessert there were some yummy cupcakes. Pretty much our entire pace group came out to celebrate and it was fun to see everyone dressed up for a change.

Hanging with my husband
Hanging with my husband


Our whole group!
Our whole group with the bride & groom!

Tomorrow will be a rest day so I can fully recover from my race and I don’t currently have any speed work scheduled for this week, but I may throw in a few fast miles if I’m feeling good by mid-week. My main focus will be on recovery this week so I can rock my last 3 weeks of training and get to the start line healthy.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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