Glass City Half Marathon Training: Week Twelve

This past week of training was pretty uneventful. After Sunday’s race I took Monday off to recover. I stuck to my regular mileage for the week, but didn’t do any speed work so I could make sure that I was fully recovered.  After twelve weeks of training I’m starting to feel like race day is so close, but so far away. I still have four weeks until race week and that seems like an eternity!

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6 miles, easy
Wednesday: 8 miles, easy
Thursday: 6 miles, easy
Friday: 4 miles, easy
Saturday: 11 miles, easy
Sunday: Hiking
Total Miles: 35.07

I switched my Thursday/Friday runs so I could take advantage of Thursday’s beautiful weather and keep it short on Friday morning. This was a good recovery week before moving into my peak weeks. McMillan had this great Tweet this week that I really liked. I’ve had a pretty good training cycle and am hoping it continues through the end of the next few weeks and then translates on race day.


The highlight of my work week was that one of our media partners brought in some Jeni’s Ice Cream. A great post-lunch treat and I’m loving her classic flavors that are currently in rotation.

We all scream for ice cream.
We all scream for ice cream.

Saturday night my husband & I went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants. He accepted a new job this week and of course I wanted to celebrate! I ordered a yummy cocktail that the waitress told me she was glad that I liked because a lot of people hadn’t liked it! It had rosemary in it and I described it to my husband as “What a garden would taste like.” It was kind of weird so I could understand why others may not like it, but it was just my style.

Drink up!
Drink up!

And of course, here’s my amazing chicken sandwich…

Smoked gouda always makes a great topping.
Smoked gouda always makes a great topping.

Easter morning my husband & I headed to one of our local metro parks for a morning hike. The weather was amazing and we got in 5 miles on the trail before it started to get crowded. One of the overlooks gave view to a distant bald eagle nest. Inside the nature center there was a live stream of the eagle tending to its egg. I love that we get access to things like this just miles from downtown.


Overlook to the eagle’s nest

My in-laws sent us a gift bag full of Easter goodies. I really enjoyed the Cadbury creme eggs and coconut cream eggs. It also came with a chocolate bunny for each of us.


During our hike Sunday morning my husband got a text from one of his good friends from high school. He was passing through town Sunday night and wanted to see if we could get together. He was going to find “the cheapest motel available” so of course we had him come crash at our place for the night. It’s not the first time we’ve had a friend visit while passing through and it’s always a nice surprise.

Like I said, it was a fairly uneventful week. I have two big weeks coming up and I am looking forward to the final push until race day.

I hope everyone had a great Easter!

2 thoughts on “Glass City Half Marathon Training: Week Twelve

  1. It is also nice when you are getting to the peak of your training and can pull of an uneventful training week. I feel like when I start accumulating a lot of training fatigue it gets harder and harder to just have a normal week, since I am extra tired I tend to be more easily swayed by outside factors. Like oh we have company, I’ll just cut my run short to be social.


    1. I think it was helpful that I didn’t have any speed work this past week so it was just an easy-going week. Since I run in the morning it’s a lot harder to make excuses not to go. “I don’t feel like getting out of bed” is an everyday thing, but since I don’t have time to run in the evening during the week that’s really a non-factor. I genuinely enjoy running so I don’t struggle that much to get myself out, but some mornings I dread my warm up mile being over before speed work because I just want to run along easy!


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