The Week After the Race

I always give myself some time off the week after my goal race. Since my race was a Sunday, I took off from work on Monday and spent the day relaxing with my puppies while my husband was at work. Physically, I felt ready to run by Tuesday. Mentally, I knew I should take some more time so I slept in all week and just enjoyed the down time. By Friday I was feeling antsy so after work Friday evening I went for a short 4 miler. That first run back always feels strange to me and this one was no different. I’m feeling ready to get back into a routine. Sunday morning I met up with my friend Nicole for an easy 6 miles. It was the first humid day of the season so I had to take it slower than usual. It’s time to start adapting to the warmer weather before marathon training starts.

Thursday night I went to the Justin Bieber concert. Yes, that’s right, the Biebs. A bunch of my coworkers were going & I wasn’t going to pass up a free ticket. I don’t listen to his music so I only know the songs that have been on the radio, but I thought it would be a fun show. I didn’t have high expectations and somehow it still ended up being the worst concert I’ve ever been to (sorry Beliebers). I didn’t expect him to sing live, but he didn’t even make an effort to look like he wasn’t lip-syncing. There were many times he didn’t even lift the mic to his face! He seemed bored the entire time and I spent most of the concert laughing because it was so bad. The few songs he did sing live sounded fine and the two times he actually engaged with the audience he was fun so it was disappointing there wasn’t more of that. Regardless, we looked pretty awesome in our matching shirts (More Like Justin Bae-Ber… not my choice), had great floor seats, and it was a fun night out bonding with coworkers.

My coworkers are fun


My friend Chad pointed out that he looks like he's dressed like Pocahontas
My friend Chad pointed out that he looks like he’s dressed like Pocahontas

The highlight of my week was the National Half Marathon Championship that took place in Columbus at the Capital City Half Marathon this weekend. The race used to take place in Austin during the full/half marathon, but for 2016 and 2017 Cap City holds the honors of hosting the Championship. There are many reasons I chose not to run Cap City this year, but being able to go watch was big on my list of reasons. Desi Linden ended up competing and it was really exciting to get to see an Olympian racing in a setting where I could get right up to the road and see her. It was a cloudy and chilly morning and luckily the rain held off during the race. My friend Nicole and I met up early and headed downtown. We hung out at the start and watched the elites and first two waves go off.

Desi racing by after leaving the start line
Desi racing by after leaving the start line

We had a great time cheering in the 5K and Quarter Marathon winners before the men’s half marathon leader raced into the finish. Tara Welling ended up winning it for the women and she looked so smooth and relaxed sprinting into the finish. About 30 seconds later Desi came around the corner and made her way down to the finish.

Desi Linden sprinting to the finish
Desi Linden heading to the finish

The race seemed less crowded than years past, but maybe that’s because I’m usually running it instead of watching it. I kind of think the weather kept some spectators away. We stuck around and cheered some of our friends into the finish and then headed to the post-race celebration to chat with some of our friends. The finisher’s party at Cap City is truly a party and probably the best one out of all the races I’ve run. We only stuck around for about 15 minutes and then headed to brunch.

I don’t want to leave out something else that was really exciting on Saturday. While I was hanging around spectating at Cap City, my running buddy Katie was racing her 4th half marathon at the Kentucky Derby half hoping to break 2 hours. Despite the rain and humidity, she got it done in 1:57:45. I knew she had it in her and am so excited to celebrate with her this week! We’ve put in a lot of miles together over the past year and I am so excited to see her succeed at her goal.

Also a huge congrats to Hanna at The Millennial Next Door on her awesome race in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

This week it’s back to work hitting the miles and getting into shape for marathon training in 6 weeks.

Happy May!


6 thoughts on “The Week After the Race

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    Ha ha! I love that you and your coworkers saw the Biebs! I’m a huge Desi fan, so that would have been an exciting race to see. Look at the form on those elites!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    That Bieber concert, LOL. Sounds epic. Somehow none of what you said surprises me.

    I didn’t know Columbus had the half championships this weekend – so cool you got to watch! I love Desi, she is probably my fave pro female runner.

    And thanks so much for the shoutout! You are the best! I’m glad you’re enjoying your hard earned recovery. I’m already enjoying mine!!


    1. The Half Championships are in Columbus again next year, so come on out! I’m thinking I may run the quarter next year. I am soaking up my recovery. Thought about doing some speed this morning, was tired when I woke up, and then was happy that I could just run easy because it’s recovery time. I just read/commented on your post and it was awesome. Now we flip flop race distances..


  3. I also give myself the week after my goal race to do basically whatever I want. Last night, what I wanted was to sit on my couch, watch lifetime movies, and eat brownies that I made from a box that I covered with store bought icing. Because I needed chocolate AND buttercream.

    I am completely jealous that you went to a Justin Bieber concert. Judge me.


    Liked by 1 person

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