Back to the Grind & Marathon Training Decisions

This week I was back to running on a normal schedule. I’m in maintenance mode for the next few weeks until marathon training begins. I put in 25 miles this week and I plan to stay between 25-30 for the next few weeks. It was nice to run easy all week and Saturday morning I hit the southern part of the trail with my friend Katie where we normally don’t get to run. I’ve also made some decisions about my training for the marathon.

My husband and I are friends with a couple through a program my husband worked for while he was finishing his Doctorate. We’ve kept in touch since he left that position and the husband is a runner, so he is always asking me about my running when I see him. After the half I reached out to him to ask if he had any suggestions for marathon training plans. Long story short, he’s retired from coaching now (he’s in his early 70s), but offered to coach me for this marathon. We have known this couple for a few years now and though he’s answered many questions I’ve asked him about his running, I actually never knew that he had coached. I am really excited about this partnership and think it will be a really good thing for me. I had a lot of hesitations about hiring a coach. I didn’t want someone random that didn’t really know me or my running. I wasn’t into paying big bucks for some weird deal where I can only talk to my coach X amount of times per month or only through email, etc. I also was hesitant to work with a coach that would give me a “custom” training plan that was really just a generic plan with paces based off of an equivalency calculator – I can do that myself!

My big obstacle that I was facing for this training cycle was finding a plan that challenged me enough, but still fit what works for me. My coach & I spoke on the phone Saturday afternoon and I really felt we were on the same page for what I want/need for my training. He was very clear on what I should expect and while some may find his coaching techniques “old school” or outdated, I completely agreed with his methods. He did, however, tell me I’ll be starting training a week earlier than I had planned. So then I drank a lot of wine.

Got to get it in while I still can.
Got to get it in while I still can.

I’ve also signed up for a HIIT class that is designed specifically for runners/athletes through my training group. I wanted to do it this past season, but uncertainty about the weather kept me away. It will be a great way to combine strength and cross training into one workout and since it’s a series class, it will be the same group each week working together.

Other than that my week was pretty uneventful. I am really busy at work right now so I am savoring my running time in the morning when everything is calm and quiet. Here’s a picture of my dogs from this morning.

Sunshine snuggles
Sunshine snuggles

Hope everyone had a great week!

2 thoughts on “Back to the Grind & Marathon Training Decisions

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    Congrats on finding a coach and starting your journey! I think you made a good call. I know you were resistant to the idea, but it sounds like you thrive with individualized guidance and the fact that you feel good about this decision says a lot. Since you know the date you’re starting I take that to mean you’ve decided on your marathon, and it’s Columbus again? Good luck! I have to say though, I’m so relieved all of that is behind me now!


    1. Thank you! I was totally not into working with someone via the Internet/phone that didn’t know me and could never come see me run or anything! I follow a few bloggers that honestly seem to be throwing away their money for multiple reasons. I’ll probably still write a more in depth post about it.

      Columbus was actually always the plan since it’s so convenient and a seriously awesome race. Plus my training group gets its own bag check and meeting room before the race which is a nice stress reliever!

      I’m looking forward to starting marathon training. I actually love the longer runs and am happy to run in the hot weather. Cold weather running sucks!


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