My Best Friend Turned 30 & More Running

My best friend turned 30 last week. Unfortunately she lives in another state and I wasn’t able to celebrate with her, but of course I texted her and did Instagram collages, etc. I met Liz going into my junior year of college during a summer course. We were both strategic advertising majors and ended up having most of our classes together. She graduated a semester before me, but we spent a ton of time together before that. When I briefly moved to NC we didn’t live that far from each other and managed to see each other once in a while. I was in her wedding and she was in mine, but it just hasn’t worked out for us to get together since then. We talk just about every single day though so I am pretty thankful for technology. I would say she’s the yin to my yang, but I think she might be the crazier one out of the two of us!


The weather here has been so wacky this week! While my friends in Virginia are complaining about the lack of sun (believe me Virginia, us in Columbus hear ya – sunny days are far and few between here), the weather here just can’t seem to get warm and stay warm. There have been a few very humid mornings when I’m out running in shorts and a tank top, but last night the temps dropped down into the 30s and most of us were breaking out our tights again this morning. I enjoy having an actual spring between winter and summer, but it feels like we keep falling back to early April weather. We’ve had a lot of rain this week too, but since we planted our garden last weekend I don’t mind. The plants are already growing.

Saturday morning my running buddy Katie had to work early so we met up at 5:30 am to get 10 miles in together. It was pouring pretty much the entire time, but we got it done. We didn’t see anyone else out on the trail until half way through our run (a cyclist) and only saw 3 cyclists total and one other runner right as we were finishing up. The temperature was perfect for a rainy run though and I was able to wear shorts, but an extra rain layer on top. I was really happy I packed my sweatpants for the short drive back home.

Rainy early Saturday morning
Rainy early Saturday morning

This past week was a little rough. I had a few long days at work and was working against a lot of deadlines (I still am). The stress was definitely showing up via my HR on a lot of my runs. I actually had a slight anxiety attack during my run Wednesday morning because it was foggy and the reflection of it on my headlamp really put my brain in a tizzy. I still managed to get in 28 miles this week as I slowly work my way back up.

Next weekend I’m running a quarter marathon. I don’t have big plans for the race, it was just one that I thought would be fun to do. It’s in the evening and right now the weather is calling for rain, but there is a “block party” afterward so I’m hoping that the rain holds off and we can enjoy a fun evening.

I also got my marathon training plan from my coach this weekend. He was able to fit everything in so I don’t have to start training a week earlier than anticipated, whew! I had sent him my half marathon training plan and given him a a ton of background on past races and my training habits. He really took that into consideration and I was really excited about the plan he sent over. There are even some runs in the beginning that are based strictly on heart rate instead of doing speed work to allow me to build up my base mileage before adding speed.

Here’s hoping it warms back up this week.

2 thoughts on “My Best Friend Turned 30 & More Running

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    I love how excited you are that you get to start training a week later, LOL. So will your training be HR based the entire time, or after your base building will it transition into being pace-based? If so how do you feel about that?

    Have fun at your quarter! I refuse to do a quarter marathon. I don’t know why but I just despise that distance for some reason. I mean, yeah, 1/4 of a marathon, that makes sense, sure…but my mind is like “what, the 10K isn’t good enough?” Haha.


    1. All of my easy runs will be by heart rate, but not my speed work. I actually never do my speed work by heart rate, I usually just wear my monitor to get an idea of what my HR is doing during it. In this case the quarter makes sense. The course is a loop (really more of a square) so half marathoners run the course twice which is pretty much why I decided to just do the quarter. Why run it twice when I can just run it once and then have my beer? 😉 Most of our races around here that aren’t stand alone 10Ks are quarter marathons, I think because it’s easier to incorporate the distance into the overall course.


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