And Soon It Will Be June (Thoughts on Marathon Training Cycle #2)

It might already be June when you read this, but this past weekend I was thinking about how June is finally arriving. I’m nearing the end of my running purgatory – that’s what I’ve nicknamed it thanks to the help of Hanna. I’ve kept up my mileage to keep my base strong for marathon training, but I’m not currently working towards anything specific. Once the calendar crosses over into June I can finally see the day where “Marathon training starts!” is written.

I really enjoyed marathon training last summer and have been looking forward to beginning it again. Maybe that’s why I’ve been eager for the warm weather to arrive. It finally rolled in last week, bringing warm and humid mornings. Saturday’s run was on a loop course through a local metro park which allowed me to refill my water bottles when I ran out. I was soaked and sticky, but I loved it.


I genuinely love running and look forward to it. Despite the morning’s I don’t feel like getting up or the days where it feels rough, it’s my “me” time that I really enjoy. I don’t feel like training is strenuous or a weight on my shoulders. So, for the past week or so I’ve been thinking a lot about the journey to marathon number 2. I feel more nervous about this one than the first one. The first one I just had to finish. I don’t feel like I have to do anything monumental in the second one, but the marathon is a beast and anything can happen which is terrifying in itself. I want to enjoy my second marathon while pushing my limits a little more so first I am going to focus on enjoying my training.

The training I will be doing for this marathon has its differences from what I did for my first, but also has some similarities. I’m interested to see how I grow and change as a runner during this second cycle. I’m going into training this year with a much higher level of fitness than last summer. That in itself is a positive start. I had a fairly good training cycle last summer so I am hoping for the same this time around. I’ll be running 6 days a week with one complete rest day which I’m sure I will embrace. I’ve dabbled a bit with running days a week for the past few weeks to get into the routine.

My first 6 weeks of training will be fairly simple. It will be all easy runs to build up my base mileage a little higher. Then I will begin speed work and eventually incorporate some GMP runs in. Right now I don’t know what my GMP will be. It’s something my coach and I haven’t discussed yet and since I have weeks before speed work starts it feels like I’d be putting the cart before the horse to decide now. I just want to focus on getting my miles in, staying healthy, and building up my strength.

For now, a few more weeks of running purgatory..

8 thoughts on “And Soon It Will Be June (Thoughts on Marathon Training Cycle #2)

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    It’s almost time! I’m not really into training recaps and blogs these days, but yours is one of the exceptions, I can’t wait to follow!

    Good luck with the 6 day weeks. I commend anyone who can do that. I tried it last cycle and it was…not for me, ha.

    I think, in a weird way, it makes sense to be more nervous the first time around, because you have an actual understanding of how hard it is and what you’re in store for. And there is a little more pressure to perform, whereas in a 1st marathon no one expects you to do anything but finish and there’s much more understanding of you don’t hit a time you’re capable of.


    1. The good thing is that my HIIT class is on Sunday morning, so I have to get up either way. The dogs usually wake us up pretty early on Sunday regardless so I’ll have some time to kill before class.

      I haven’t been that into training blogs lately either. I think it’s because a lot of people are between races or they’re like “Well I didn’t really stick to my plan this week…” which always makes me wonder what the point of blogging about training is when not much training is being done!

      I think my battle will be figuring out the correct time I’m capable of running. I want to run faster, but I don’t want to push myself to the point of falling apart. It’s only number 2 so I still want to enjoy it!


      1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

        Based on everything you’ve done so far, I wouldn’t be surprised to see you with the same goal I had, a 3:40-3:45. Your shorter distance PRs and how fast you ran your first marathon put you right about in this range. 12 minutes sounds like a lot of time to take off, but when you factor in the flat and familiar course, the likely cool weather, increased fitness level, and that you like to run with other people to help with pacing, it’s really not that much of a stretch. A good goal is challenging but realistic, and I think this fits for both! Of course that’s up to you and your coach to decide, though 🙂

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  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    I have many of the same thoughts! I’m starting my training at the end of the month and couldn’t be more excited. Look forward to following your training!


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