The First Week of June (Weekly Wrap Up)

I loved having Monday off and we took full advantage of it. It was a beautiful day here in Columbus and after an early morning run my husband and I took the pups out to one of the (many) local dog parks. Archie hadn’t been to this park yet, but he loved it!

Beautiful day in Columbus!
Beautiful day in Columbus!

Gus kind of just hung out with us (typical) and Archie ran around with the other pups playing and exploring. This park has some fountains that Gus stays far away from. Archie didn’t play in the fountain, but he did walk through the water to cool his paws off.

Gus chillin'
Gus chillin’
Fountain fun
Fountain fun (that’s not me in the background)

Summer weather is finally here and I am loving it. My training group kicked off its summer season this weekend and it was fun to see everyone again. I ran with a different pace group and was excited that a bunch of my friends were running with them too, but in the third mile the group sped up and after that my heart rate was just shot. I’ve found that it’s hard for me to recover from a high heart rate without taking a break which is why I choose to rest between intervals during speed work rather than run. I will likely drop down to a slower group to avoid this on my long runs. I’d rather run slower than faster on my Saturday long runs especially since I also have another run followed by my HIIT class on Sundays.

Pace group pic!
Pace group pic!

The weather was a little crazy here this weekend. On Saturday evening around 5 we had about 30-45 minutes of a torrential downpour that resulted in some flash flooding, similar to last weekend. Luckily we were home because just down the road from us a main road flooded. I’m talking cars-under-water flooded. It was crazy! We decided to stay in Saturday night and I whipped up some sweet potato hash for dinner and then we popped some popcorn and finally got around to watching Bridge of Spies. It was a fun and relaxing night.

Movie night!
Movie night!

My allergies + the humidity were wearing me down a bit last week so I took Friday morning off from running. I ran 31 miles this week and capped it off with an official sub-50 min 10K on Sunday. I ran a sub-50 min 10K in March, but the course was long so my official time still ended up being 50 minutes. It was a pretty humid morning (my friend nicknamed it “Swamp run” on her Garmin Connect entry) so I feel good about my effort. Full recap coming later this week!

My HIIT class started this past weekend, but because of the race I had to miss out. I was bummed about it, but marathon training starts soon so it was nice to get in one more short race before that.

That’s it for now!

2 thoughts on “The First Week of June (Weekly Wrap Up)

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    So cool that there are fountains at your dog park! My dog would love that. I’m the same way with a high heart rate. If I keep running, it takes me at least a good half-mile of easy running to get it back down. The flash flooding does sound scary. We always have flash flooding in the spring here, but usually it’s just the river trail and the parking by the river that floods. Congrats on your 10K!


    1. We don’t go to that one often because the trade off of the fountains is that there is zero shade, but it’s a pretty neat feature. Our flooding usually happens down by the river too which of course is normal, but there really isn’t water near where this happened so it was crazy! And thank you!


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