Back to the Beginning Again…

This Sunday I had the first session of my HIIT class. The class is organized by a local fitness center, but the particular session I go to is held at our local Fleet Feet store. At the end of class we took a walk around the store to cool down and I realized that this great photo from last summer had been hung up in the store. I was surprised to see it there, but thought it was pretty cool.


The class was great and I really enjoyed it. It kicked off last week, but since I was racing I missed it. There are a few reasons I signed up for this class:
1) The class is specifically designed for runners
2) It’s a series class so with the exception of those that are stopping in because they can’t make their regular class, it’s the same group each week
3) The series is set up to coincide with training, so we have cut back weeks and adjustments as our mileage builds
4) It is really affordable

Everything is obviously done in intervals and each section serves a specific purpose. I’m all about purposeful training so this works well for me. The class size is still on the smaller side so the instructor is able to walk around and help us out with form. I think this class will be a good compliment to my training and a great way to incorporate cross/strength training into my schedule without having to take away from running. Since I already get up ridiculously early to run, it’s tough to fit in cross/strength training during the week in the morning and I will definitely need my weekday rest day during this training cycle. It’s important to me to strike a balance between training and life outside of training so I like to reserve my evenings to spending time at home with my husband. The Sunday class works well for me for these reasons. Since I’ll be running 6 days a week, I will actually be running before the class. This week I got all of my mileage in after my Saturday run so I could just sleep in and relax before class since marathon training kicks off this week.

So now I’m back to the beginning again. 18 weeks of marathon training starts tomorrow. My coach sent me an email today that said “Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your summer!” It’s true. Training will rule my summer and before I know it, it will be September. I am looking forward to my runs serving a purpose beyond just maintaining fitness for training. I enjoy running a lot, but having a goal to work towards makes it even more rewarding and easier to get up in the morning. I have a million doubts in my mind that I am working hard to push out. My coach has a lot more confidence in my abilities than I do which is a good quality to have in a coach. I want someone who is going to push me to perform at my full ability, but it’s also scary. He acknowledged that what he thinks I can do might be mind-blowing to me and said we would revisit it. For now I plan to focus on my training as it comes and not think about end goal paces yet. Aside from a fitness test, I don’t have any speed work these first few weeks so I will be focused on building my mileage up a little higher before I add that speed work in.

Work is crazy right now so I have been light on the posts, but I hope to get some more stuff up once training really gets under way!

5 thoughts on “Back to the Beginning Again…

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    You never did post that one idea you came up with in the middle of a comment on my blog last week and now I’m dying to know what it was! Haha.

    Have a great first week! I’m sad I’ll miss all your training next month but you can always email me. Having “push” goals is such a delicate balance. It’s definitely exciting to think you might be capable of something that seems outrageous now, but too-big goals can kill motivation. I’m sure you’ll figure it out, you’ve got plenty of time!


  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    The start of training is always so exciting! I’m exciting to follow your training. Fitting in the strength along with all the running has been tough for me too. I like the idea of a class. When I do it at home, it’s easy to skip it.


    1. I think the class will help and it’s fun to be in a different environment with people that are running with my training group every Saturday. We’re all at different ability levels, but all working to become stronger runners in whatever capacity that may be so it’s a supportive and fun atmosphere.


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