Columbus Marathon Training – Week One!

Week one! The first week of a training cycle is always a good one. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s just the first week. I was happy to get back into training this week and it was nice to get into a new routine around running. Something that I thought about a bit this week were the differences in my training from this year and last year.

Message from the workout chart at my class.

For my first week I had 34 miles total scheduled. This was the first difference from last year – I don’t think I ran that many miles until maybe 7 or 8 weeks into training. My Wednesday run this week was just a 1 mile shake out which I thought was awesome. I’m running 6 days a week (another difference from last year), but at 34 miles that’s a lot of days so on Wednesday I only had to run one mile. It was nice to sleep in and then just go out and get my legs moving a little. It was really humid that morning so I ended up being happy to only have to run one mile.

Sunday’s run was my favorite this week. I have my HIIT class on Sunday morning and there is a metro park that I love close to where I have to go for class. I had decided I would do my runs there before class to make it easy. It’s a beautiful area and much hillier than my normal routes so it’s a nice way to get in some variety.

Lucky to have a place like this to run

It wasn’t that humid Sunday morning and I got going early. A little more than a mile into my run I ran up on a large doe on the trail. She looked at me coming and hesitated on what to do. She finally decided to retreat back into the woods. I always see rabbits on that trail and on a run a few weeks ago I saw a turkey! It was really relaxing to listen to the birds and the sound of the gravel crunching. I focused on my heart rate knowing I’d need to slow down my pace for to compensate for the hills. Even after a year of heart rate training I’m still amazed at how relaxing running can be when I’m running the correct pace. I’m looking forward to more time out on the trails.

Because I go from running to class, I need to eat something in between. I decided to use Honey Stinger Waffles as my snack. I used them as part of my carb loading for the marathon last year, but haven’t had much of a need for them otherwise. I picked up a few different flavors this week and tried out the lemon this week and it was delicious.


Then after some stretching, I headed to my class. There are three phases of taking this class. The first is during the class when it feels like another rep of a specific move would be impossible. The second is about an hour after class once recovery has set it when it feels like it wasn’t actually that bad. The third phase is a day or two later when DOMs sets in. That aside, I enjoyed my second week of the class. I’m realizing I’m a lot stronger than I thought. I never thought I’d be able to do chest fly’s while holding a glute bridge at the same time, but apparently I can.


It would be weird to write about this past week without mentioning the events that occurred in Orlando. I spent most of my run last Monday morning processing it and thinking about it. This is one of the reasons I love running. Those thoughts will stay with me and the pavement. I have time to think through things and don’t have to share my thoughts with anyone else.

Coincidentally, this past weekend was Pride weekend in Columbus. My husband and I had dinner plans with my friend Nicole & her husband, Rob. We decided to head downtown a little early for a drink and walked through the Pride Festival. I love the diversity in Columbus and the support of the community. Being an Ohio city I’ve found that there is a big misconception that there is a lack of diversity here, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are all different cultures and lifestyles and many festivals to celebrate them all. There’s a Greek Festival, Irish Festival, Indian Festival, Asian Festival, Pride Festival, ComFest (this is an arts & music festival where everyone drinks, walks around topless, and celebrates life. I’m not kidding.), etc. Walking through downtown we found this awesome sidewalk paint.


There were different versions painted throughout the city. We were big fans of this.

It was great to get out Saturday night with friends and just enjoy some food, drinks, and fun conversation. We ordered a bunch of appetizers to share and then I had ricotta dumplings as my main dish. They were awesome and I ate them pretty quickly. It was a nice way to unwind from the week.


That wraps up week one. Like I said, week one is always a good one. I am genuinely looking forward to what week two has in store for me.

8 thoughts on “Columbus Marathon Training – Week One!

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    I think I need to visit for ComFest, ha ha! Wow, 34 miles for week 1 IS a lot! Nice work! What will your peak mileage be? Of course I’m jealous that you and most people have started training, but I’ll be there soon. That trail looks beautiful. Seeing wildlife on trail runs is always a big benefit for me, even if it’s just listening to the birds like you said.


    1. I actually averaged around 30 mpw for the half marathon and have maintained around 30-34 during the time between, so 34 is pretty fitting for where I am right now. I don’t actually peak very high on mileage, somewhere in the 40s. Instead, my workouts get much more demanding.

      I’m looking forward to everyone getting back into training. I feel like we’ve all been trying really hard to keep up with blogging and commenting, but it seems to be more tough to keep up on things when we’re not all working towards a race.


  2. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    More and more I feel like I should move to Columbus!

    I love that one of your runs was one mile. I overslept this morning so I need to run this evening, but it’s going to be hot so I’m thinking of just going for 2 miles or 20 minutes. That sounds so weird to my marathon brain which still thinks that anything under 4 miles isn’t worth it. I haven’t done a 2 mile run since way back when I first started running!


    1. You probably should move to Columbus. Then we can run together! 😉

      It’s a nice way to ramp things up by having one day a week right now that’s super easy. Of course, once I ramp my mileage up enough then that day will become speed work – eeek! I fall into the “not worth it” trap too, but I think that’s why it’s important to understand the reason behind each run instead of just seeing it as something else to check off the list. I’m sad you’re going on your social media break soon 😦


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