Columbus Marathon Training – Week Three

A little late on this one! My in-laws came to town for the long weekend, so sitting down and blogging was not a priority. I’m going to try to make this one short. Week three was another step in the right direction compared to week two. I can’t believe I’m already almost a month into training. The weather here has been hit or miss. Week three started summertime hot, but then cooled down as the week went on. This seems to be the pattern we’re hitting – hot hot days with a few days of relief thrown in. Last monday I got back from my run and noticed that my shirt was tie-dyed with sweat!


I’m pretty adapted to the heat now so it hasn’t been a big deal when it is hot. I have noticed that the days are already starting to get shorter. The sun is rising later already, but that’s made for some beautiful sunrises at the end of my morning run.

Rainy morning sunrise
Rainy morning sunrise

Back to week three. Nothing exciting to report really, just more base and mileage building. I’m starting to feel the fatigue on my legs at the end of the training week. Every Sunday my strength class kicks my butt, but I’m starting to recover faster. The class is set up into four sections – 3 cranks and the final set called “The Wall.” The wall is made up of 4-5 exercises that are done for 30 seconds each with a 5 second recovery in between and then the set is repeated at least 3 times. The idea is to make our bodies hit the wall and push through. It’s odd how long 5 seconds can feel while doing an exercise, but how incredibly short it feels between exercises. Let’s take a look at this week’s wall…


It’s cut off, but in the top right corner is a devil head saying “Mwahahaha.” Let’s talk about a leg burnout. It’s exactly what it sounds like – working the leg one at a time for 30 seconds each so that it burns. BURNS. And then you put that leg down and it’s dead dead dead. Then we went down into a squat and held it for 30 seconds. “Holding a squat for 30 seconds doesn’t sound hard at all. You guys don’t even use a weight? That’s not a big deal.” HA. Hold a squat in good form with your arms out for 30 seconds when your legs are already burning and dead. No weights needed. At the end of the first one we were pretty much all yelling. (Butt kickers just help shake everything out before we went into another set.) As hard as it was, this was my favorite wall so far. I think it best simulated what it’s like those last few miles of a race when all you want to do is quit, slow down, and make it easy on yourself. This week our instructor did The Wall with us and cheered us all on as we worked through it together.

So another week down and moving forward. I’m starting to get into my training routine now and am starting to feel like time is flying by. But that’s a ramble for a different time!


One thought on “Columbus Marathon Training – Week Three

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    The Wall sounds crazy tough! My legs would be on fire! Pushing through when it burns like that is always tough for me so interesting there’s a workout designed to not stopping. I think I’d benefit from that!


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