Columbus Marathon Training – Week 10: Fatigue

Guys (or should I say gals?), I’m tired. The “Is-6:30-too-early-for-bed?” kind of tired, but not extreme-exhaustion tired. I had a long & busy week at work last week followed by a hard weekend of training. I found some time to unwind and relax on Saturday, but at this point in training weekends feel so short. I am savoring my Tuesday rest day and enjoying the extra hour+ of sleep I get that morning. I got to sleep in until 6 on Sunday which was so late for me, it was really exciting.

On a positive note, this week was better than last week both in training and in weather. We’re starting to have hints of fall weather here and there which is helping to balance out the hot/humid days. Sunday we actually had the air conditioner off all day which was amazing. By mid-morning the humidity had burned off and there was a nice breeze.

My long runs are getting really long which is making both Sunday and Monday challenging training days. Sunday morning I am letting my legs dictate the pace instead of my heart rate. I still make sure my heart rate stays in control, but if my legs are dictating a pace that has my heart rate very low then I just follow my legs.

This Sunday’s strength class was a ladder workout and my body did not want to do burpees. I feel bummed out when I don’t have the energy to push myself during class, but I have been trying to keep in mind that I need to pay attention to my fatigue and get what I can out of class without over doing it. This week our local New Balance rep came to class and let us try out shoes during the workout. I had recently tried the same pair on when purchasing new running shoes and they didn’t make the cut, but I did like them for cross training. I don’t have the budget for extra shoes right now, but I’ll keep them in mind for the winter cross training.

Trying out some New Balance shoes
Trying out some New Balance shoes

Since Sunday was such a beautiful day, I took a short nap and then we took the dogs downtown to the Sunday market. There wasn’t much going on there so we took them to the riverfront for a little while. It was nice to be outside and not sweating while sitting on a bench. It was also the first time we’ve taken the dogs downtown!

Downtown Columbus
Downtown Columbus

This upcoming weekend I’m running a half marathon. The race will serve as my long run for the week, but I won’t be tapering for it. My mileage will be cut back a little for week 12 because of my long run being the half, but the intensity of some of my runs will be more than usual. I don’t have an specific goals for this race, but I am looking forward to racing for the first time since June!

3 thoughts on “Columbus Marathon Training – Week 10: Fatigue

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    We finally–FINALLY–had some cooler temps last night and this morning. Bliss! I’m scared of getting even more tired as my mileage increases. 6:30 bed time–yeah, I can see that. I’ll be looking to you for tips on how you deal with it!


  2. Which NB shoes did you try? I’m thinking about ordering a pair of Vazee Pace, but I’m hesitating for some reason. So please tell me which pair and what you didn’t like about them! I’m running out of miles left on my shoes and really need to make a decision.

    Good luck in your upcoming race! I hope you have good weather for it (is it fall yet???).

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    1. Honestly I’m not sure, but what I didn’t care for how their shoe is shaped. There is cushioning or support or something under the pad of the forefoot that made it feel clunky to me when running, similar to Brooks but with Brooks it’s towards the back and I feel like I’m clunking my heel. I would still encourage you to go try some NB’s on. I’ve been an Asics lover since my high school lacrosse days, but I know plenty of people that don’t like them so I think it’s just really preference!


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