Shamrock Marathon Training Update #1

Well, hello there! It’s been a while and I thought it would be a good time for a training/life update.

Week One
Two weeks ago we packed up the truck and headed back to Virginia. This was the end of my first week of training. On Wednesday, my friend Katie came over to our place for one last run together. I miss her so much and we have been texting a ton since, but it was great to do one final run together. Moving day was long and exhausting. We woke up around 4am in order to be on the road by 5am. After a long drive (Kevin in the truck and me in the car with the pups), we got help from my sister, brother-in-law, and their friend for unloading the truck. The only run I missed was my 8 mile long run the weekend of moving. Obviously, I knew I would not be able to get it done on moving day. I had tentatively planned to do it that Sunday, but I gave myself a break to get as much unpacked and organized as possible before starting my new job the next day. We ended up going out to lunch at one of our favorite places from college and it was a nice blast from the past.


Week Two
Week two of training was also my first week at my new job. I had an overnight trip to another one of our offices in the middle of the week. Despite all the craziness of trying to unpack, starting the new job, and traveling, I was able to get all of my runs in. It’s nice to always have the routine of running to have one thing be a constant when everything else is changing. I finished out the week with a long run with a local run club I’ve joined. I ended up doing most of the run with two other runners and we got so chatty that we missed our turn and ended up doing 12 miles instead of 10. I didn’t mind, and just knocked two miles off my Sunday run for a total of 30 miles for the week. On Sunday we picked out a Christmas tree and got the house decorated for Christmas. We put some lights out along our front door and on the railings, too.

Decorating our den
Decorating our den

Week Three
Week three was super busy. I was out of town Monday and Tuesday for more work travel. However, I woke up to the wonderful news on Tuesday that my application to the 2017 Chicago Marathon had been approved! I am so excited to head to Chicago next October and run this race. It’s such an exciting opportunity and I am glad to have something to look forward to next fall. I got back in Tuesday night, but I was so tired on Wednesday morning. I had a day trip on Wednesday, so I opted to sleep in and did my run in the evening after work. It was nice to get a little extra rest after a busy first two days of the week and I enjoyed looking at all of the Christmas lights on my route.

Wednesday evening run.
Wednesday evening run.

I turned around and got back up Thursday morning for another run. My legs were tired, but I’m only running 5 days a week this training cycle so I was able to sleep in on Friday. I worked from home on Friday which allowed me to sleep in until 7. It was amazing. Friday night I had a work event and the weather was calling for possible ice. My run club start time got pushed back andhour, but I opted instead to sleep in and just head out on my own. The roads weren’t icy when I got out, but the windchill was pretty brutal. I thought I would struggle with the hills after running for so long in a place where I had to actively seek out hills for my route, but I’ve found that I really like the variety of the ups and downs. My legs are still getting used to them, though, and they do seem more fatigued after my runs.

Saturday’s long run elevation

Saturday night we finally had a chance to just relax at home and watched Home Alone together. When we woke up on Sunday, it was 60 degrees out! I headed out for my run in shorts and short-sleeved shirt, but I honestly could’ve worn a tank top. It was strange, but I am pretty happy to have dodged the bad weather that’s been hitting Ohio for the past week!

Sunday miles in shorts
Sunday miles in shorts

I finished up week three with 35 miles. I’m feeling pretty good with where I am in my training right now. I have one more week of base building before I begin starting to add in some speed work. I haven’t actually registered for the race yet, allowing myself the opportunity to choose a different race if training/settling in gets to be too much, but I think if I’ve made it through the first three weeks I shouldn’t have an issue. I’ve noticed that my average heart rate is starting to drop while maintaining the same pace, so I am gaining the fitness needed to move into the speed work phase.

I feel like I may be getting a little cold, so I’m going to try to take care of myself the best I can this week in order to be well for Christmas weekend. Both of our parents are coming into town for the weekend and our families will be together, so it’s something I want to be able to enjoy!

I’m still planning to launch my new site in the new year & will begin to update more frequently after that. Things have just been a whirlwind these past two weeks.

Have a safe & merry Christmas!

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