Shamrock Training Update: Two Months In

Well hello there, it’s been a while. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind. So much as been happening and we have continued settling into our new home and I have been adjusting to my new job.


The first month of training got off to a great start. The second month has brought a lot of obstacles. Weather, for one, which is not to be unexpected when training for a spring race. We had our first big snow a few weekends ago. It happened on a Friday night so I opted to move my long run to Sunday and just enjoy the snow day on Saturday. We ended up with 8 inches of snow, so instead of going for distance that day, I planned to run for 2 to 2.5 hours. Trying to run a specific distance in a lot of snow didn’t seem to make sense since I had to adjust my pace accordingly. I also ran out of places to go since some of the streets were just sheets of ice, but the two-hour long run seemed fine to me. The next day I replaced my 6 mile run with cross training by attending a boot camp class with my sister. We ended up running sprints during parts of the class so that, plus my heart rate during class, ended up proving to be a valid replacement for my run that day.

First snowfall of 2017
First snowfall of 2017

Then, two weeks ago, I went out for my normal Sunday run. When I returned home, my husband told that my mother had called to say that my grandmother had passed away that morning.

Throw back photo of my grand mother with my grandfather
Throwback photo of my grandmother with my grandfather

I was close with my grandmother so that was tough news. She would have turned 92 this week but was healthy other than the normal things that come along with aging. I decided that day to take the week off from running and just focus on taking care of myself. My office was closed for Martin Luther King Jr. day so I was able to just take the day for myself. I knew I’d be heading out of town at the end of the week, so not having to worry about how or when to fit training in was just the right thing for me.

It was nice to spend the weekend with my extended family despite the circumstances. We had some time to head to the beach and I got to show my husband my childhood vacation spot.


When we got back into town I got back to training. As far as training goes, my heart just hasn’t been into it. I’ve been getting out for all of my scheduled runs, but it’s just not what I want to focus on right now. My friend Katie has booked her plane ticket to fly in for Shamrock and she will be running the half marathon. While we were planning, we discovered that the marathon starts 90 minutes after the half marathon. That crazy long gap means she would be finishing the race when I was only 2-3 miles into my race. The more I thought about the weird scheduling and the more I wasn’t excited about training, I realized I just wasn’t feeilng the full marathon. I made the decision to register for the half marathon instead of the full marathon.

I am a firm believer in putting in the time and effort needed to train well for a race. For the marathon specifically, everything has to come together for the day to go well. I wouldn’t go into the race underprepared and running is just a hobby for me, so forcing myself to spend 3-4 hours running every Saturday when my heart and head are elsewhere doesn’t make sense to me. I already know I have Chicago in the fall, so running a full right now is less important to me. I have been keeping a strong base, so if I change my mind in the next few weeks, I can always look for a late April or early May marathon to run. I haven’t decided if I am going to race the half or run it with Katie who is hoping for a PR. That is something I likely won’t decide until March or at least closer to race day. I am really excited for Katie to come visit for a long weekend and to have a girls race weekend. Running the half instead of the full will also allow me to just enjoy our weekend together and will open up more time for us to hang out.

For now, I am going to use my extra time to hang out with my husband, finish getting our house set up, and enjoy some more relaxed running before an intense marathon training season begins.

February will be another busy (and probably fast-paced) month. It’s both my and my husband’s birthday month. We are also getting ready for a big campaign at work and I will be going on a short work trip later in the month. I am keepign up with reading everyone’s blogs and will check in again on here soon.

Happy running!

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