Shamrock Training Update: One Month to Go!

February has really flown by and I can’t believe it’s just 4 weeks until Shamrock. Though I’m only running the half now, I’m too lazy to update my Shamrock graphic.

The past few weeks have been pretty solid as far as training goes. I had a fun race at the Sweetheart 8K and have continued to build my mileage. I’m averaging about 35 miles a week, and the switch from full marathon training to half marathon training did end up being a nice relief from the longer, heavier mileage.

I haven’t been doing any speed work since I don’t have a specific time goal for this race. The weather is often unpredictable and I think that will play a huge role in how the race goes for me. This hasn’t been the best training cycle for me, but I also haven’t dropped the ball in terms of maintaining my fitness and staying consistent.

The weather has been up and down between cold and warm. That can make it difficult to adjust to the temperature, but I do feel a little better having a few warmer runs under my belt incase the temperature is above average on race day.

I am really getting excited to see my friend Katie next month and get to spend the weekend together.

On another note, February is birthday month for both me and my husband. Since my birthday falls midweek and I will be out of town, I’ve already celebrated twice – once with my parents and once with my sister. It feels like a true month-long birthday celebration. This past weekend we went to dinner with my sister and brother-in-law and the beautiful weather and excellent food made for a really great night. The only downside was my dessert. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dessert I didn’t like, but this one was such a let down. Don’t be fooled – I still ate it all.

After dinner we headed to a brewery that we like and had a few drinks on the patio.

Back to running. After the race in March, I plan to run a few shorter distance races while taking a little down time to just run for fun and strength train before marathon training begins. I have been thinking a lot about my summer training and have been trying to decide if I want to dish out the money and use a coach again or self-coach as I did for my first marathon. I am pretty up in the air about it right now, but luckily I have a good amount of time to decide.

That’s all for now!

8 thoughts on “Shamrock Training Update: One Month to Go!

  1. Hanna @ minimal marathoner

    Happy birthday week! I have struggled with the coach or not coach question for this summer too. I would love to work with a coach to help keep me on track and train intelligently, but it is just not in the budget for me this year. If I weren’t already spending an insane amount of money on this race, I might consider it, but there’s no way. I already feel like a fraud writing a blog about how to save money while marathon training – and all I did was register for a race and a hotel room!

    I think our halves are the same weekend and I can’t believe how close it’s getting. I think it’s nice to go into a race hoping to run well but not having the pressure of a specific time goal to hit – that way you can feel good about having a strong race even if it’s not a PR.

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    1. I honestly am just not even sure paying for a coach would be worth the money. I know that sounds horrible, but – for what? I’m pretty good at adjusting my own training plan when needed, I’ll do my workouts whether there is someone to report back to or not (honestly I’d rather not have to ‘report’ to anyone), and that’s a heck of a lot of cash I could spend somewhere else. The coach I am interested in also does custom training plans which is much more affordable and seems more of what I’d prefer, so that may be the route I take.


      1. Hanna @ minimal marathoner

        Yeah, that’s the whole advantage for me: I’m lazy and want the convenience of having someone else write my training plan. For my first marathon I purchased the Runners World first-timer plan for $30.00 and it was a good investment. Sure it was a “cookie cutter” plan, but it was a pretty thorough plan with a lot of guidance. I self trained for my next two marathons and while it certainly wasn’t perfect, I did okay.

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  2. I think you would do well with or without a coach. You certainly don’t lack the discipline to follow a plan on your own and you are smart enough to listen to your body when it is telling you to slow down or take a break. Paying for a custom training plan instead personal coaching sounds like a good idea.

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  3. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    Awesome that your HM training is going well and was a nice break from marathon training. I hope you’ll post about what your goals are if you don’t have a specific time goal. I’m trying to figure out whether I want to run a spring HM after crappy training and what my race goals might be if not a time goal. Finish strong?

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    1. I honestly probably am not going to really have any goals at all. I’m probably just going to go out and wing-it. If I do go with any goals, they’ll be determined that morning when I see what the weather is like! Since it’s right on the beach, sometimes it’s super windy.

      Usually in my shorter races (like 10Ks), my goals will be around race strategy instead of a goal time that I just come up with 5 minutes before the start. Sometimes my goal is to run all of my miles under a certain pace and sometimes I try to run it progressively depending on the course. I think the complication with a “finish strong” goal is that it’s hard to define what that means.


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